Indian Air Force officials have declared current Rafale deal is far better than previous deal

Indian Air Force officials have declared India’s 2016 Rafale deal a far better arrangement than the one under negotiation by a previous government — the heart of a political storm gripping the election-bound country — things went further today when a formal presentation today led by an IAF Air Marshal SBP Sinha put forth a 10-point list of reasons why 2016 deal was cleaner, better and more economical than any earlier one.

Here is a slide of presentation made by IAF Air Marshal SBP Sinha who is currently chief of the IAF’s Central Command and earlier Deputy Chief during negotiations for the aborted earlier attempt to purchase 126 Rafales. IAF Air Marshal SBP Sinha explained that why current Rafale deal is the best deal with the following points:Indian Air Force officials have declared NDA Rafale deal is far better than UPA deal

Earlier too, the Indian Air Force Vice Chief Air Marshal SB Deo had also backed the Rafale purchase, terming it a “beautiful” aircraft. Deo had also said critics of the deal must understand the procurement norms. After the statement of vice chief Air Marshal SB Deo, today IAF Air Marshal SBP Sinha made 10- point of defence which totally shut down the mouth of critics. He said , “This deal is Government to Government deal and there is no scope of any scams in the deal”.

He said, “Rafale has been procured with best in class weapons, only because it was procured through a govt to govt process”

He then goes on to affirm that the French government integrity on the Rafale deal, curiously throwing into question (a) earlier government-to-government deals by India (including with the French on Mirage 2000 jets) and, (b) the earlier negotiations for Rafales under the previous government.

Today’s most powerful statement in the IAF officer’s presentation has been a counter-attack on politics over Dassault Aviation’s choice of Reliance Defence as an offsets partner over HAL. he explained HAL wants 1.5 times more time that’s why Dassault Aviation has chosen the Reliance Defence over HAL. he also asked from oppositions, “why do political parties raise no objections to India spending billions on equipment sourced from private companies abroad”. he also said ,”As per defence procurement procedure,The original equipment manufacturer is free to select Indian offset partner amongst defence PSU, Ordinance factory, private & Public Sectors. Govt neither suggest nor dictact the Indian offset partners “

This the the snap shots of points presented by IAF Air Marshal SBP Sinha.

Here’s the video of IAF Air Marshal SBP Sinha presentation: 

now after this details presentation, some people and political parties will say that IAF is doing politics and saving the govt. But why all IAF’s officers will tell a lie ?? think about it

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