Indian Air Force successfully fired the Brahmos air version missile from SU-30MKI

First time, Indian Air Force successfully used the BrahMos missile on ground targets from Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft. BrahMos fired from Sukhoi, made an accurate target and completely destroyed it. The launch from the aircraft was smooth & the missile followed the desired trajectory before directly hitting the land target.

Successful firing of Brahmos Air missile from Sukhoi-30 MKI is the big achievement fro India. Now, there will be no need to send a fighter aircraft to destroy any hideout like Balakot in the future. Rather it can be destroyed from 300 km away by firing Brahmos from Sukhoi-30 MKI.

Firing Brahmos from SU-30 MKI

Indian Air Force has been working to fire BrahMos from Sukhoi 30 since long time. BrahMos is created with the help of India and Russia, which was first made to fire from the ground. Later it was also installed in the naval warships, but it was difficult to fire from a fighter aircraft.

Earlier, cooperation was sought from Russia, but due to the cost escalation, the deal was not successful . Later, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited took charge of it. For this, some changes were made in Sukhoi-30 and changes were made in the BrahMos missile too. To fire from fighter aircraft, the weight of the missile was reduced to 2.5 tons.

After firing from the ship in the sea on November 22, 2017, It took two-year preparations for accurate fire on the ground target. The missile should be more precise to fire on the ground so that the target can be destroyed without any damage around. The success of BrahMos from Sukhoi-30 will be tremendous growth of the IAF’s firepower.

The Range of Brahmos missile is 300 Km. Now the enemy’s at very distant places will now be under the air force target. BrahMos is a supersonic missile, with a speed of 2.8 Mach. That is, it will attack with a speed of two and a half times at the speed of the sound.

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