Hav Alok Kumar Dubey, Major Anil Urs and Lt Col Krishan Singh Rawat Conferred Shaurya Chakra For Fighting Terrorists In JK

Three Indian Army soldiers Havaldar Alok Kumar Dubey, Major Anil Urs and Lieutenant Colonel Krishan Singh Rawat have been conferred with the prestigious Shaurya Chakra on the Independence Day for showing exemplary courage while fighting terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.


Lieutenant Colonel Krishan Singh Rawat, Sena Medal, was team leader of a mission oriented team, deployed along the Line of Control in Jammu &Kashmir for conduct of counter infiltration and counter terrorist operations.

While being deployed along the Line of Control, intelligence was received indicating likely attempt by terrorists to either infiltrate on to own side or cause casualties to own troops. He led his team and deployed it along the likely routes of infiltration. After 36 hours in ambush in an inclement weather and close proximity to the Line of Control, his team spotted the group of terrorists. In the ensuing firefight, he maneuvered to a flank to locate specific positions of the terrorists and directed squad commander to crawl forward and bring down accurate fire resulting in elimination of two terrorists. Under heavy retaliatory fire, he re-sited his team on tactically advantageous position to target rest of the group.

After protracted surveillance in close vicinity to the Line of Control and under heavy fire, he identified the location of rest of the terrorists. Achieving complete surprise and unmindful of personal safety, he engaged them at extreme close range killing two terrorists, grievously injuring the third.

For his resolute and exemplary leadership, conspicuous gallantry during the entire operation, Lieutenant Colonel Krishan Singh Rawat, Sena Medal is awarded the “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.


Major Anil is a Company Commander deployed along the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir

On receipt of intelligence of concentration of terrorist across Line of Control for possible attempt of cross LC and act to cause casualties to own troops, Major Anil laid an ambush along the appreciated route of movement.

Displaying good tactical acumen and strong resolve, the officer waited patiently maintaining complete surprise. On spotting the group of terrorists Maj Anil brought down effective fire killing three terrorists. Being in close proximity to the Line of Control his action drew violent and effective fire from parties across the Line of Control. Enduring the risk of loss of life, Major Anil displayed extraordinary leadership, nerves of steel and spirit of service before self where he chose to remain at the location awaiting an opportunity to engage rest of the terrorists.

After life threatening wait of fifteen minutes, the team sighted and accurately brought down fire on two more terrorists leading to neutralisation of two more terrorists.

For displaying raw courage, marksmanship and rare combat leadership, while ensuring safety of his team, Major Anil Urs is awarded the “SHAURYA


On 22 Jun 19, based on receipt of information, a cordon and search operation was launched in orchards near a village in Jammu and Kashmir.

Havildar Alok Kumar Dubey using tactical proficiency assisted the Company Commander in laying the initial cordon. Havildar Alok was deployed as stop in inner cordon. At 0540 hours, Havildar Alok observed suspicious movement in the thickly vegetated bushes just ahead of him. At 0545 hours, Havildar Alok observed a group of terrorists trying to break cordon by taking advantage of poor visibility and thickly vegetated terrain. Upon challenging , the terrorists lobbed a grenade and opened indiscriminate fire. Displaying raw courage, Havildar Alok closed in to the group of terrorists and killed one terrorist at close range with aimed fire. The terrorist was later identified as a dreaded terrorist of category A++. In utter disregard to his personal safety, Havildar Alok crawled further blocking escape route of the terrorists. Maintaining offensive spirit, he brought down heavy volume of fire pinning the terrorists down and facilitating maneuver of own parties to further tighten the cordon . His courageous action prevented escape of the terrorists and eventually elimination of all four terrorists.

For his indomitable spirit, presence of mind, exemplary initiative and unparalleled courage, resulting in neutralization of a dreaded terrorist, Havildar Alok Kumar Dubey is awarded the “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.


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