Indian Army Captures Heights Near Southern Bank Of Pangong Tso

Indian Army has captured the Height and dominated at least four locations near the southern bank of the Pangong Tso in eastern Ladakh.

According to ANI report, Troops of Indian Army including a special operations battalion have captured the height in south of Southern bank of Pangong Tso lake near Thakung. Height was lying dormant&can give strategic advantage to side which holds it for controlling the southern bank of lake&areas around.

According to ANI sources, A special operations battalion was recently inducted into the area & on the night of August 29-30 moved into the area & occupied the heights from where Chinese troops were present barely a few hundred meters.

The height is in the area under Indian side of the LAC but the Chinese also claim it to be on their side. Two brigade commander level meetings have already been held in Chushul/Moldo for resolving the matter and the tension but it has not yielded any result.

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