Indian Army Considering Proposal To Allow Common Citizens To Join Army For 3 Years

The Indian Army is considering a new proposal to allow common citizens to join army for three years. The main reason behind it to attract talented youth to join the Army. In this, the youth will have to work in the army for only three years and after that they can go back to another career. Currently, an officer has to work in the army for at least 10 years.

According to sources, A proposal is being discussed by Army to allow common citizens to join ‘Tour of duty’ to serve the nation. Top Army officials have discussed this in detail and it will be finalised in a few months.

According to Army sources, preparations have been made to bring those youths in the army who are attracted by the army but they do not want to stay in it for long. According to the proposal, the youth will have to go through all those processes through which officers are made in the army. After selection, they have to complete the required training.

After this, they will be deployed in Combat Zone. They will also get a chance to go to Combat Services like Armoured, Artillery, Infantry. After leaving the army, they will not get pension but will get many other benefits including testimonials for future careers. In this, both men and women will get a chance.

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