Indian Army Engineers Completed Shyok River Bridge In Galwan Valley

The Indian Army did not stop the infrastructure works in Ladakh amid tension between Indian Army and Chinese Army over the Actual Line of Control (LAC) in Ladakh. Amid heavy tension, an army unit continued the construction of Shyok River Bridge in Galwan valley.

According to sources, A few hours after the incident of June 15, the Indian Army increased the speed of work to complete the construction of the bridge over the Shyok River in Galwan valley. Army engineers were instructed to complete this construction work at any cost.

After the clash, Indian army instructed the army engineer division that the construction work of the Bailey Bridge should be completed without delay. ‘Bailey Bridge’ is a type of portable bridge through which all types of military vehicles, including military combat vehicles, will be able to move fast.

The local commanders of Army ordered the rapid construction of the bridge as they feared that violent incidents like Monday night could happen again and this bridge would be helpful for the Indian Army. 

This bridge is now fully ready. This Shyok River Bridge in Galwan valley will prove to be helpful in making the army easy to reach and keep a watch on China.

This bridge was made functional on Thursday and vehicles crossed it as part of trials.

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