Indian Army jawans defeated Pakistani soldiers very badly in Russia

This is the first time that the troops of India and Pakistan are taking part in an anti-terror drill. This is being done under the banner of the Co-operation Organization, which was formed in India in June 2017. The place of drill is Russia. The Central Military Commission of Russia has been doing this too. Along with India and Pakistan, there are 8 countries has also reached. The aim is to increase the harmony between these eight countries in tackling terrorism. So there was some activities like  military training, planning, etc. has taken place  But apart from this there was another thing here too. That’s the game of A volleyball tournament was also organized among these eight teams.

The teams which reached the finals in the tournament were those teams of India and Pakistan. Now it is obvious that if both of these teams are in front then the heat will increase. But the Indian team win the field. The five lions of the Rajput Regiment defeated the Pakistani soldiers like a lion in volleyball tournament. Another special thing that was seen during this match was that the Indian Army team was being cheered by the soldiers of the Russian army. At the same time, the Pakistani team was being cheered by the Chinese army men. Well, the victory of the Indian team came in the end. Here is the some viral videos of that Match: 

Russian soldiers cheered Indian army by chanting “Bharat Mata ki Jai” 

Indian embassy in Russia also tweeted this: 

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