Indian Army To Act Against Private Security Agencies Wearing Military Camouflage Uniform

The Indian Army said that the police of the states Armed Police Forces should not use uniforms similar to the army while on duty. 

Army says that common people are unable to detect the difference between this uniform and army uniform. This sends a message among many people that the people doing duty in cities and towns wearing such clothes are army soldiers. This message goes that the army’s help is being sought for internal security in India.

Indian Army took this decision after the state police force deployed in New Delhi’s Jafrabad metro station area today was wearing a uniform similar to the disruptive pattern camouflage of the Indian Army.

The army has expressed concern over the use of such dress and said that today our country remains under the constant supervision of national and international media. The use of army uniforms by the police can convey that the army’s help is being taken for work like elections and internal security. This may taint India’s reputation as a vibrant democracy and it can prove to be detrimental to our national interest.

Jamia Millia Islamia university security guards also wear Army pattern camouflage uniform.

During the Jamia violence, A video of security guard became viral who was in same Army pattern camouflage uniform.

Even after the retirement, Indian Army veteran is not authorised to wear it for Private work.

There should be a ban on the sale of costumes similar to Army uniforms in the open market. Private sellers should keep track of people selling uniforms similar to the army.

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