Indian Army warns Jawans to stay away from spiritual ‘babas’

The Indian Army has warned its Jawans to be careful in the event they are approached in the name of ‘babas’ or ‘spiritual gurus’ as these can also be traps for them on social media.

This is the new tactic of Pakistan intelligence officials. They can implicate the soldiers in the trap by disguising the spiritual guru or Baba to get information related to the army’s movement, deployment, war exercises and contact of senior military officers.

The Indian Army has identified at least 150 social media profiles that are suspected of laying traps to honey-trap soldiers through fake names. The purpose of these fake profiles to gather confidential information from the soldiers.

This report came after the Two Indian Army soldiers arrested by Rajasthan Police as they were sharing crucial information to a Pakistan-based woman ISI agent. The two soldiers, Lance Nayak Ravi Verma and Vichitra Bohra, were arrested in a joint action by CBI and IB teams.

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The Army has prepared a file on recent methods and trends adopted to trap the military personnel. A source attached to the military quoted this file as saying, “The latest inputs show that Pakistan intelligence officials are using the identity of spiritual gurus on social media. They can try to win their trust by getting sensitive information from the soldiers and their family members on the target.”

The source quoted the latest findings contained in the file as saying, “It is a new trend to show oneself in the dress of spiritual teachers. Through them, they are approached to take not only military personnel but also their families. They first try to take the target into confidence by sending YouTube links to WhatsApp messages or speeches of alleged gurus.”  

Last month, in an advisory, the army warned military personnel to stay away from unknown people. Soldiers were specifically asked to be vigilant on social media.  

“It was said in the advisory that one should stay away from friend requests, chats or calls of unknown people.”

The army is conducting social media awareness campaigns through the respective branches. In this campaign, military personnel are being told through lectures, what precautions should be taken to maintain a healthy presence on social media 

It is being told that fake identity of insurance agents, military nursing staff, officers of intelligence agencies, officers of Central Armed Police Force can be used to to take into the trap. Not only this, the fake identity of disgruntled ex-servicemen can also be used by anti-national forces to spread propaganda.

Soldiers should not do these activities on social sites:-

  • Don’t join any unknown whatsapp group.
  • Do not use photo in uniform as profile pic on WhatsApp/Facebook.
  • Do not expose official identity on social sites like some soldiers add that they are working in Indian Army.
  • Don’t upload pictures with weapon on such sites even in civil uniform.
  • Do not reveal your rank, unit name and location or anything related to your work.
  • Do not accept friend request from unknowns.
  • Soldiers families should also avoid to upload pic of their son/daughter with uniform and they also should not post/mention their profession on sites.
  • Don’t upload any picture which contain anything related to military i.e don’t upload pic with military background.
  • Do not store/ save any information related to military in computer/laptops.
  • Do not click advertisements on social sites for prizes/awards.
  • don’t click on any unknown link.

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