Indian Army warns soldiers to stay away from Social media groups

The Indian Army has warned its 13 lakhs soldiers & officers to stay away from social media groups like Whatsapp & other social networking sites. Indian Army has issued two page directive for its personnel about the safely use of social media. The aim of this directive to aware army personnel about the danger of getting “Honey-trapped”.

Military personnel have also been asked to not post their pictures on their profile on social networking sites or disclosing their affiliation to the armed forces because Pakistani & Chinese hackers are continuously trying to hack Indian computer systems and for this, They are continuously monitoring the all social sites. Many officers have been court-martialled by Indian armed forces for posting sensitive information.

The Indian Army has issued advisories for their personnel who are active on the social media platform, especially the Whatsapp Group. Identifying members on whatsapp group is still a big challenge in itself. Sources linked to the army have said that the information shared on the Whatsapp Group is being looked at by foreign agencies, which are in danger of being leaked. Therefore, Jawans of Indian Army should aware more about the use of whatsapp.

The Army has indicated that information leaked on WhatsApp groups are being used for propaganda, sources said.

The army headquarters had recently instructed Army personnel to stay away from large groups that have people who are not known to them personally.

It has been made clear that identity of members on these groups should be confirmed before they become part of any group. Verify the all persons in group before joining any group in Whatsapp.

According to sources, there are reports that Army officers are coming out of such groups.Officials say the alertness of officers is not new, but in the recent days army officers have been alerted about possible threats.

“Security is a serious issue for us on WhatsApp. There are systems available to mask your real identity and get access,” said an official.

“In many cases official communication is also being circulated on WhatsApp. This needs to stop as there could be leaks, compromising security,” said an army source.

Soldiers should not do these activities on social sites:-

  • Don’t join any unknown whatsapp group.
  • Do not use photo in uniform as profile pic on WhatsApp/Facebook.
  • Do not expose official identity on social sites like some soldiers add that they are working in Indian Army.
  • Don’t upload pictures with weapon on such sites even in civil uniform.
  • Do not reveal your rank, unit name and location or anything related to your work.
  • Do not accept friend request from unknowns.
  • Soldiers families should also avoid to upload pic of their son/daughter with uniform and they also should not post/mention their profession on sites.
  • Don’t upload any picture which contain anything related to military i.e don’t upload pic with military background.
  • Do not store/ save any information related to military in computer/laptops.
  • Do not click advertisements on social sites for prizes/awards.
  • don’t click on any unknown link.
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