Indian Army will soon get ‘Mr. India’s strength, will be invisible by enemies.

Scientists of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur have discovered a similar formula for the disappearance like film character ‘Mr. India’. They have claimed to use such meta-material, whose wearing or lobbing will erode the Indian Army’s soldiers, their tanks, fighter aircraft, enemy radars and spy cameras. Due to being invisible, it would be easier to attack the enemies of the enemy country and to destroy them.

All three parts of the Indian Armed forces are well-equipped in such war skills as entering into enemy’s own home, killing them, doing surgical strike. Desert or snow-capped mountains, Army soldiers fight hard with every difficulty and answer the enemy.

But in the military operations, the country has to face the loss of martyrdom and defense materials. Now to reduce this loss, IIT Kanpur has claimed to do wonderful research. They have invented such meta-material, whose coating will not let the soldiers, tanks and planes in the eyes of the search engines.

To understand the specifics of this meta-material, first of all it would be necessary to know how our young men and military equipment came in the eyes of the enemy. In fact, the person or object in the dark, is caught with the help of heat radiation i.e. body temperatures. The waves of radar indicate the presence of a person by colliding with the plane. Now imagine that the temperature of the body of the soldiers can not be detected and if the radar waves are taken over by our fighter aircraft, then the presence of the soldiers can’t be detected by anyone. This is the work done by Meta-material.

Generally, Mother of all material is the nature, but a meta-metrial i.e. super-substance is composed by mixing many elements like many metals or plastics. Their exact size, geometry, orientation and arrangement make them capable of manipulating and absorbing electromagnetic waves. For this reason, the cover of this meta-material will disguise our military system from the guise of enemy.

To explain the achievements of scientists, we are here taking the help of the superhit film “Mr India”, which was released in 1987. The hero of the film becomes invisible by tying a special tool on the wrist. Minor students of science also know that any object or animal can be seen only with the naked eyes when the light collides with it. On the same principle, the infrared rays of spy cameras can also detect the presence of someone with its heat radiation.

Now the scientists of IIT Kanpur claim that if we wear our parasite garments, they will not be invisible like Mr. India, but in the darkness of the night, they will disappear from enemy’s spy cameras. After wearing these clothes, any type of RF sensor, ground radar, advance battlefield radar and infrared cameras can be easily dodged.

The US has also developed a particular metamaterial but its material is quite heavy and its use is quite limited. While our indigenous Meta Metal is light, it will be used in many forms. DRDO i.e. Defense Research and Development Organization has started testing on the research of IIT Kanpur. After passing their test, they will become an army part.

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