Indian diaspora derails Pakistan’s propaganda in London

Indian diaspora derails Pakistan’s propaganda in London

Clashes erupted outside the Indian High Commission in London on Friday evening when demonstrators, led by Pakistani-origin British MP Lord Nazir Ahmed, staged protests calling for the independence of Kashmir and Khalistan. The Pakistan-backed “black day” campaign, which coincides with India’s Republic Day and took place outside the Indian High Commission in the heart of Central London, aimed at highlighting the “oppression in India”.

A protester at the event was quoted by the Times of India as saying, “I am here today to tell Lord Nazir that they are asking for independence for my state of J&K but I want freedom from Pakistan sponsored terrorism, ceasefire violations and their proxy war”. In the early afternoon, the vans gathered outside the High Commission, with the two camps – the anti India camp and the counter-protesters initially separated by police – gathering opposite each other leading to heated exchanges.

Reports suggested that the protests initiated by Lord Nazir, aligned with the Republic Day celebrations in India. The Indian High Commissioner, posted in London, termed this a poor demonstration by an “ineffective leader”. The anti-India groups demanded freedom for Kashmir and Khalistan. The Labour Party appears to be not only anti-Israel (this week Labour advised their MPs to block a blanket ban on Hezbollah) and anti-US (Emily Thornberry, Shadow Defence Secretary called President Trump “an asteroid of awfulness”), but also anti-India.

The 60-year-old Lord Nazir who was born in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), had once claimed that an attempt on Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai’s life was carried out by agents close to Pakistani establishment, to discredit Taliban. He was appointed to the House of Lords in August 1998. He was suspended from Labour Party following allegations of his anti-semitism.

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