Indian Navy Quietly Deployed Warship In South China Sea After Galwan Face-off

After the face-off between Indian Army and Chinese Army in Galwan valley of eastern Ladakh, Indian Navy deployed one of its frontline warship in the South China Sea. This is the same area where China has been opposing the presence of Indian Navy and other forces.

India has taken this step to show China the mirror. In the talks between the two countries, China has so far objected to this move.

China has always objected to the presence of Indian Navy ships in the region, where it has significantly expanded its presence in the region since 2009 through artificial islands and military presence.

According to ANI report, US Navy had also deployed its destroyers and frigates in South China Sea at the same time when Indian Navy had deployed its warship. Indian Navy warship was continuously maintaining contact with US Navy over secure communication system during the deployment in South China Sea.

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