Memorable R-Day ever, First time Indian tunes will be played instead of British tune on Rajpath

This Republic Day will be going to memorable. ‘Indian Tunes’ will be played instead of martial tunes played from British times. This time, this soundtrack will be heard on Rajpath by ‘Shankhnad’ made from classical music. Dr. Tanuja Nafade of Nagpur prepared this tune. The Army personnel have been making music till now, but the first time, for the Indian tune, this work was given to the person outside the army and then Dr. Nafade created this tune.

Actually, the western music was played in the Indian Army so far. The soldiers were given training of Western music. So far, songs of Indian band were made on British music, but this was the first time in the Mahar Regiment, when General Oak contacted Dr. Tanuja Nafade and talked of making Indian Tune.

Retired Brigadier Vivek Sohail prepared this song ‘Desh ko Aanch Na aaye’ and it was composed by Dr. Nafade. This tune now became special for the entire army. This tune will be heard by the army on the Rajpath. Dr. Tanuja Nafade said that making this melody was a big challenge for her. Together with classical music and Western harmony, It is a matter of pride for me to contribute something through my music for the Indian Army.

Dr. Tanuja Nafade
Dr. Tanuja Nafade

There was a need for 36 artists to make this melody. Dr. Nafade has been continuously practicing all the performers. Dr. Nafede said that the army has a Western tune-up artist in the army. It was difficult to teach classical music, but the army personnel quickly caught the tune and in the short run it was also ready.

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