INDO PAK WAR SCENARIO 2030- what if INDIA PAK war will Take Place in Future?

Before writing this, I would like to state that this is merely a hypothesis and I have tried to present one of the possible scenarios of a short and intense war with Pakistan in the future, below the nuclear threshold.

Beginning- March 2029

India is going to become the 3rd largest economy very soon in GDP terms. Pakistan in contrast is way behind, Indian economic power has given it enough leisure to modernize its armed forces irrespective of the party in power. Pakistan in the meantime had to seek bailouts from the IMF and Saudi Arabia to be able to overcome the huge debt crisis, as it owed China billions of dollars, ultimately Pak economy collapsed and the civilian government was overthrown. The army began its rule from April 2029. Pakistan was about to become a totally failed state, to divert attention the ISI and the terror orgs planned a major attack, the ISI succeeded to rope in terror organization of the north east India including NDFB and ULFA and some young Muslims who were declared foreigners by the NRC. Their target was Guwahati as it was an emerging city and also very far from Pakistan. They believed this would be considered as an internal issue. On 20th October 2029 series of bombs went off inside Guwahati more than 500 people lost their lives and 1000+ were injured. The blame was taken by a faction of NDFB group. Whole India was shaken, the government went desperate and ordered hast military action on NDFB and ULFA targets, they went behind enemy lines to Myanmar to hunt down the militants. Ultimately intelligence reports began to suggest that ISI was behind it. Israeli MOSSAD gave the final confirmation to India. Whole India was under high alert, public opinion became hugely tilted in favor of war but the government was silent and didn’t gave any hints but secretly ordered the armed forces to prepare for an intense war.

WAR BEGINS – January 2030

Stakes were very high, India could lose more than 30% of its population if it crosses the nuclear threshold. Pakistan was confident India wouldn’t attack but they were prepared for an aerial attack. The Indian public was getting angry but the government took its sweet time to prepare. It equipped the forces with best of the gears and all necessary purchases were made secretly. More than 2000 special forces were selected to drop go for the initial attack. Artillery shells were produced in huge numbers. The Indian army began to mobilize a few divisions towards the plains of international border. So as to divert the attention of Pakistan. Pakistan also began to mobilize. In the night of 25th January the Indian air Force launched its anti radiation missiles towards the Radar stations of Pakistan in POK most of the targets were hit Pakistan was taken aback. The next day Indian government declares that it has decided to teach Pakistan a lesson but didn’t declare a war. India para dropped the special forces comprising of the 3 branches inside Pakistan. But they were struggling to navigate and came under heavy fire from Pakistani troops. India sent its Mirage 2000s and Rafale to support its ground troops. But some of the Mirage were knocked out by Pakistani air defenses and Pakistani fighters came in. The Rafales took the Charge and used their long range Meteor missiles to score many kills. In the same night Pakistan lost 14 fighters and India lost 6. The Indian air Force provided some accurate bombing and the Indian forces were able to secure their position. More than 300 Pakistani were killed but about 50 of the Indian special forces lost their life. Indian army began to cross LOC as the Pakistani army was pushed back. They were supported by heavy artillery fire, the Pinaka rockets lighted the sky up. The terrain didn’t allow the tanks to be used, but they did go in with many anti tank weapons. As the Indian army pushed in, the war entered its 2nd day international pressure was beginning to fall on India as they feared a nuclear war. But it had a limited affect on the South Asian powerhouse. The Pakistani army received its reinforcements and finally they were able to hold their ground. The Indian strike units had to struggle for every inch of territory. The Pakistani air Force sent its fighters to attack the logistical lines of the Indian army but all of them met the end as the S-400 system shot them out 50 kilometers inside Pakistani territory. Pakistan lost another 15 planes. The army began to launch a daring assault with the special forces on the front but the Pakistani attack helicopters and artillery claimed the lives of many Indian soldiers. Indian attack helicopters also came in and began their task. India tracked a huge division of Pakistan army coming towards them, and finally India used its flagship weapon, salvos of Brahmos was fired and this resulted in havoc among the Pakistani troops, India also targeted the missile and artillery batteries of Pakistan. Once they were knocked out Indian air Force provided proper air cover and dominated the skies by the 3rd day 50 Pakistani jets were brought down. Indian loss was a minuscule 8 planes. But the army was struggling to gain ground. As now they were facing the best trained forces of Pakistan. India destroyed a few Pakistani tanks but the terrain was becoming the ultimate problem for India. By the night of 3rd day Indian army was 30 kilometers inside Pakistan. More than 3000 Pakistani soldiers were killed and India lost 1000 of her men. India went for a final push and managed to clear a chunk of Pakistani troops killing another 500 of them. Simultaneously 3 teams were attacking, they were the IBGs ( integrated battle groups). Indian tanks also made their way slowly. Securing the acquired territory. India was about to fully push Pakistan away as their formations were destroyed by multi pronged Indian attack. 80% of the deaths in the Indian side was due to artillery fire. This adventure was becoming costly for India. Indian air Force flattened the mountains by raining hell, facing no serious challenge from PAF. Accurate Indian missiles were proving to be a game changer, now the army was just holding for the final assault on the Pakistani troops who were going crazy and they were throwing everything at the Indian forces without proper planning. By the 4th day Pakistan sent its SSG commandoes, they were successful in knocking out few of the Indian missile batteries, but they became the targets of the para commandoes who were tasked to protect the batteries. There were equal losses on both sides. But Indian logistics line was now overstretched and also intelligence reports came in stating that Pakistan was moving its strategic nuclear missiles and were about to deploy tactical nukes. The army was ordered to stop its assault. But not before going in 65 kilometers inside POK.

Additional units were rushed in, India successfully defended 2 counter attacks by Pakistani army and inflicted heavy casualties on them. By the evening of 30th January India declared an unilateral ceasefire.


India – 1250 dead

              2000 wounded

Pakistan- 3750 dead

               3000 wounded.

In addition India lost 8 fighter jets, 7 tanks, 4 pinaka batteries, and 12 attack helicopters.

Pakistani losses were much higher loosing 52 fighter jets, 16 tanks and 33 attack helicopters.

 Aftermath –

This war was a just war and it was one of the shortest wars even shorter then the 6 day war of Israel. It was done with utmost precision and use of high end technology. But still India lost many its brave men and could not push any further as it would have risked billions of other lives. Common sense prevailed and India stopped the assault. India held into the occupied territory and occupied the top positions in the hills giving India another strategic depth. Indian public was very happy and the news of the Victory was kept under wraps. Pakistan denied those attacks and stated they lost about 10 kilometers of their territory and they would take it back soon, India didn’t contradict that ( only to state the actual facts at the right time).         


The brave men of the armed forces took the revenge and gave it back to the enemy happily laying their lives for the service of the nation. They gave their today so that we could live our tomorrow. This article is solely dedicated to the brave hearts of the Indian armed forced. And I hope this will inspire some of the youths to join the armed forces for the service of the nation.


Written by-

Rhitwique Dutta

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