ISIS Mufti Captured By Iraqi SWAT Forces

An ISIS (Islamic State) terrorist organisation ‘Mufti’ has been captured by Iraqi SWAT team. The name of the Mufti is Shifa al-Nima and he was accused of ordering destruction of heritage sites in Mosul. He was arrested by elite Iraqi SWAT team members in a raid on Thursday.

Photos of ISIS Mufti were shared on social media which show that the ISIS member had become massively obese in hiding, weighing several hundred pounds. He couldn’t fit in a police car, so Police carried him in a pickup truck.

This ISIS “mufti” was a famous preacher who spread extremism in mosques against security forces. He is also considered one of the foremost leaders of ISIS. He was responsible for issuing fatwas against the people who opposed ISIS and these fatwas led to the death of scholars and clerics,” Iraqi police said.

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