ISIS Suicide Bomber Abu Khalid Al-Hindi Carried Out The Attack On Sikh Temple In Kabul

The Amaq News Agency, affiliated with the ISIS has released the photo of the suicide bomber who killed at least 25 Sikh devotees in a temple in Kabul city on Wednesday. The gunmen was identified as Indian national Abu Khalid al-Hindi.

The real name of Abu Khalid al-Hindi was Mohammed Sajid Kuthirulmmal. He was a 30-year-old shopkeeper who had fled along with 14 other youths from Kerala to join the Islamic State (ISIS) four years ago.

According to NIA sources, Abu Khalid al-Hindi was a shopkeeper from Padne area of Kasargod in Kerala and he was in most wanted list of NIA. NIA. Interpol had also issued red notice against him.

According to media release of Islamic State terror group, ISIS Khurasan, the attack on Sikh temple in Kabul was carried out by Abu Khalild al-Hindi. The ‘Al-Hindi’ attached to the name suggests that the attacker could be from India.

The ISIS magazine, Al Naba, published a picture of the attacker in the latest issue of its weekly Arabic magazine. 

According to Amaq News Agency, This attack was carried out as an act of revenge for Kashmiri Muslims.

ISIS said in its statement that the Sikh minority group was the target of the attack.

The Afghanistan government confirmed that the at least 25 people dead and 8 others wounded in this attack.

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