Islamic Jihadis killed Kashmiri Pandit, fed his wife blood-soaked rice: Sunanda Vashisht at US Congressional hearing on human rights

A Kashmiri Columnist Sunanda Vashisht spoke at US Congressional hearing on human rights. She poke about the situation. She also described the horror suffered by Kashmiri Hindus in 1990 in Kashmir.

She started her speech with a quote saying, “My father is a Kashmiri Hindu. My mother is a Kashmiri Hindu. I am a Kashmiri Hindu. And our home & lives in Kashmir were destroyed by radical Islamist terror”.

She further said, “Where were the advocates of human rights when my rights were taken away? Where was the saviour of humanity when my feeble old grandfather stood with kitchen knives and an old rusted axe ready to kill my mother and I in order to save us from the much worse fate that awaited us? All deaths have been happening due to terrorists trained by Pakistan. This doublespeak is not helping India in any way”.

Sunanda Vashisht recalled an engineer named BK Ganjoo, who hid in a rice container when terrorists came for him.

“He would have been alive today had his location not been disclosed to the terrorists by his own neighbours….The terrorists shot him through the container and forced his wife to eat the blood-soaked rice,” Sunanda Vashisht said at US Congressional hearing on human rights.

Watch the full speech of Sunanda Vashisht said at US Congressional hearing on human rights :

Talking about the Democracy in India, She said, “India’s democratic credentials are unmatched. The country has successfully, in a democratic setup, defeated insurgencies in Punjab and the northeast. It is time to strengthen India against such insurgencies and the human rights problems will be solved forever”.

Talking about the Kashmir, She said, “An Islamist State of Kashmir where other religions are not welcome & tolerance of any other viewpoint is absent is no citadel of Human Rights. Terrorism is the ultimate opponent of Human Rights. Human Rights cannot & should not take precedence over Human Life.”

Sunanda Vashisht also talked about the abrogation of Article 370 and She said that abrogation of Article 370 was “a restoration of human rights” in Kashmir.

She said, “Today I’m delighted that Kashmiris have same rights as Indian citizens. If something as serious as Women’s right to own property and granting LGBTQ rights amongst many others has been accomplished by abrogation of Article 370, internet restoration isn’t far.”

India has “not occupied” Kashmir and Kashmir was always an integral part of India, she said. “India is not just a 70-year-old identity, but a 5000-year-old civilisation. There is no India without Kashmir, and no Kashmir without India.”

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