ISRO successfully places RISAT-2BR1 and 9 other customer satellites into Orbit

Indian Space Research Organization- ISRO has successfully launched the powerful Radar Imaging Satellite RISAT-2BR1 today at 3.25 pm. After launching, it will now become easier to keep an eye on the country’s borders.

ISRO confirmed that RISAT2BR1 satellite successfully placed in orbit by PSLV-C48.

ISRO tweeted, “All 9 customer satellites(from Israel, Italy, Japan and USA) successfully placed in their designated orbit by PSLVC48 “

According to experts, RISAT-2BR1 satellite is very crucial in terms of security of Indian borders. It is being called the second intelligence eye of India. India’s radar imaging strength will increase manifold after placing of RISAT-2 BR1 satellite into the Earth’s orbit. With this help, the planning of monitoring Indian borders and making their security impregnable will be easy.

This satellite will work even in the dark night and bad weather i.e no matter how bad the weather is on the earth, No matter how cloudy it is, its eyes will be able to rip off those dense clouds and take a clear picture of the boundaries.

This RISAT-2BR1 satellite will start working as soon as it is placed in its orbit and will start getting photos after some time. This satellite will be able to take very clear pictures in any season. In the presence of clouds, it will keep a close watch on the movements of the enemy. Not only this, it will also help a lot in disaster relief work. The Defense Intelligence Sensor of RISAT-2BR1 has been made in India, which can take pictures even at night.

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