ISRO to launch electronic intelligence satellite

ISRO to launch electronic intelligence satellite on 1st April which will keep an eye on terrorist activities. ISRO’s EMISAT will monitor any kind of electronic equipment or human movement on Pakistan’s border. EMISAT is made by ISRO and DRDO. ISRO will launch this satellite in space on April 1. After its deployment in space, Indian defense and monitoring services will increase manifold.

EMISAT is a military satellite according to scientists of DRDO, Ravi Gupta. Through this, enemy radars and sensors posted on the borders can be monitored. EMISAT will provide accurate information about enemy areas and other communications devices including mobile in the enemy area.  

After the air strikes in Balakot, NTRO had told that at the time of the attack there were 300 mobile active in Balakot building. But there are continuous questions arising on this. Now After this launch, India will get accurate information about terrorists and such questions will not arise. On January 24, ISRO also launched DRDO’s satellite Microsat-R.This satellite is capable of taking photographs at night too.

Function of EMISAT

  • Monitor the enemies’ radars and sensors posted on the borders.   
  • Help to create an accurate electronic map of enemy territories.
  • Provide accurate information about other communication devices including mobile on borders.
  • Decoding the conversation through mobile and communication devices.

ISRO will also launch 28 other foreign satellites along with the EMISAT from PSLV-C45 rocket at 9.30 in the morning on April 1. ISRO will launch all these satellites in three different orbits for the first time. EMISAT will revolve around the earth at an altitude of 749 km. 28 foreign satellites will remain at an altitude of 504 km and the fourth stage of the PSLV rocket will rotate in the orbit of 48-km-485 km. The 28 international customer satellites are from four countries, viz. Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland and USA. All these satellites are being launched under commercial arrangements.

ISRO Chairman Sivan had also said that ISRO’s PSLV-C 45 launch would be special. 

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