“Jinnah Wali Azadi” slogans raised at Shaheen Bagh, Delhi

In Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh (shaheen bagh) area, slogans of ‘Jinnah Wali Azadi’ have been raised in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). There has been a protest against the CAA for the last several days in Shaheen Bagh area.

In the video, the individual on the stage can be heard chanting Azadi slogans “Hum ladke lenge Azadi. Nehru wali Azadi. Gandhi wali Azadi. Bhagat wali Azadi. Ashfaq wali Azadi. Jinnah wali Azadi, Dilli wali Azadi….”.

Delhi BJP spokesperson Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga has also tweeted this video which is being described as the video of Shaheen Bagh. Bagga said in his tweet, ‘ “Hum Lekr Rhenge Aazadi, Jinnah Waali Aazadi Slogans by left”.

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