Kejriwal govt announces to fire 1000 ex-Military soldiers from their jobs in delhi, soldiers got angry

Delhi’s Arvind Kejriwal government has decided to snatch a job of nearly 1000 former military personnel. Against the opposition, the ex-servicemen protested against the Arvind Kejriwal government at the India gate of Delhi on 31st Aug 2018. According to the information, about one thousand ex-servicemen are working as security guards in Delhi government hospitals so Arvind Kejriwal has decided to take them out and hire new people.

Angry over this tuglaqki order of the Delhi government, the ex-army got together on the India Gate, they said, “If we are not martyrs, then we retire from service at the age of 35-45 years, in such a situation our family will have to run But the Kejriwal government is snatching it too.

These former army soldiers have participated in wars and have also been wounded. These questions are asking if the soldiers will respect only after death. Ex-servicemen said – Are we no longer deserving of a guard job that is removing Kejriwal’s government?

Here is the video of Ex- serviceman protesting against Kejriwal’s order: 

Major Gaurav Arya said, “Many of these veterans are battle casualties. Jawans in Army retire at 35-38 years of age, unlike their civil counterparts who retire at 60. Pension is not sufficient to meet needs. If you throw them out, where will they go?” 

Many people do not know about this news but some people reacted on this news. here is the some reactions:

This is same Kejriwal who raised questions against surgical strike of Indian Army and spread a fake news against Indian army Dress that govt is asking to buy Army personnel by himself and now he is firing around 1000 ex-military personnel from their jobs.

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