Kejriwal’s surgical strike against ex-soldiers, soldiers protests in Parakram Parva at India Gate

On one side, the Central Government is celebrating Parakram festival on the Anniversary of Surgical Strike, while the other side, former Soldiers in the national capital Delhi are placing placards at India Gate against the decision of the Arvind Kejriwal’s Government. On the second day of the anniversary of the surgical strike on India Gate, where the children were taking selfies with the soldiers on one side. On the other hand, the former army’s soldiers, who had participated in the war, took the placards in their hands and protesting against the Delhi govt decision to remove the ex-soldiers from their jobs in Delhi.

According to the information, about one thousand ex-servicemen are working as security guards in Delhi government hospitals so Arvind Kejriwal has decided to take them out and hire new people. Last time when ex-soldiers wanted to meet Arvind Kejriwal then CM Arvind Kejriwal refused to meet with them. Now the ex-soldiers are asking the question whether soldiers will be respected only after death..!

In 2007, the Government, signed the MoU that they will give the jobs to ex-soldiers in order for the safety of the hospitals. The MoU was made for resettling of the troops of the army who retire early, The MoU was signed to impose the troops.

But the Kejriwal government is now removing them without any reasons. By doing so, the earnings of about one thousand ex-servicemen will be reduced and they will have to survive on their pension only. Retired Colonel Ghanshyam Mishra, who has fought the Kargil war, said that the government’s move is to bring the soldiers on the road. Where on one side Kejriwal government is giving compensation of Rs one crore to the martyrs, the same person is removing the ex-servicemen from the job.

One month ago  Soldiers also protested at India gate. Here is the video of protesting soldiers at india Gate:

The ex-army got together on the India Gate, they said, “If we are not martyrs, then we retire from service at the age of 35-45 years, in such a situation our family will have to run But the Kejriwal government is snatching it too.

These former army soldiers have participated in wars and have also been wounded. These questions are asking if the soldiers will respect only after death. Ex-servicemen said – Are we no longer deserving of a guard job that is removing Kejriwal’s government?

Major Gaurav Arya said, “Many of these veterans are battle casualties. Jawans in Army retire at 35-38 years of age, unlike their civil counterparts who retire at 60. Pension is not sufficient to meet needs. If you throw them out, where will they go?” 

This is the same Arvind kejriwal in 2015, who was protesting against central govt with soldiers for OROP at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi but now he is snatching ex-soldiers jobs.

Kejriwal protesting for OROP at Jantar Mantar

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