Kerala: 30 Muslim students booked for waving Pakistan flag. Students say, It’s MSF’s flag not Pakistani flag

In Kerala, more than 30 Students of Muslim Students Front (MSF) have been booked for allegedly waving Pakistan flag inside the college campus. This incident is from Perambra, Kozhikode in Kerala.

Students of Muslim Students Front (MSF) made College Election Campaign with Pakistani National Flag and Humiliated Our National Flag in public.

Perambra police in Kozhikode has filed a case against students belonging to Muslim Students Front (MSF) for allegedly waving a big Pakistani flag inside Perambra Silver college.

The College Management said that it was a normal incident. The college governing body chairman AK Tharuvayi said that MSF flag was held upside down which made it look like Pakistani national flag. He also said that the procession was held on a holiday and assured probe in the matter.

Police has booked all MSF students under relevant IPC sections 143, 147, 153 and 149.

Difference between MSF flag & Pakistani national Flag

  • The ratio of Green & white part of flag is 1:1 in Muslim Front India while in Pakistani flag, proportion of Green part is much larger than white part.
  • MSF is written on the MSF’s flag
  • The face of the Moon in Pakistani flag is towards right side while face of the Moon in MSF flag is towards left side.

Point of view of MSF’s Students:

Students have claimed they did not realise the flag was disproportionate in size. MSF flag was held upside down which made it look like Pakistani national flag but it was not Pakistani flag.

MSF State Secretary Nishad K Salim said, “We (students) had a minimum budget for campaigning in the election which is going to held on 5th September. We got the flag which was stitched by a tailor. Tailor did not know the exact green-white ratio of the flag. The students of MSF had hoisted the large flag on stick which broke later.”

A different video of same event shows the flag with the stick and The flag is of MSF.

In the first video which became viral, was taken from another side which shows that MSF’s flag looks like Pakistani Flag but another side view of flag shows that it is a MSF’s flag not Pakistani Flag.

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