Kerala Couple Nimisha and Bexin (Medical & MBA Students) Joined ISIS after converting to Islam.

A couple from Kerala allegedly linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are reported to be in Afghanistan. They have also a child. The couple was among the ISIS group that surrendered in Afghanistan. They have been identified by their relatives in Kerala by their photo.

29-year-old Nimisha (Fatima), her husband Bexin and the child were identified by Nimisha’s mother Bindu Sampath. This identification was done on the basis of photos provided by the officials of the National Investigation Agency (NIA). This photo has also been shared with Bexin’s family for identification.

Source: NIA

Mother of Nimisha, Bindu Sampath told, “No official information has been received from the Central Government. However, NIA officials have shared photographs of the group that has surrendered. Among them I have identified my daughter Nimisha (Fatima), her husband Bexin and the child. When I sent this photo to Bexin’s mother, she also identified her son too.”  

Source: NIA

According to India Today report, Nimisha, a 24-year-old final year Dental student who belongs from Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, married Bexin, a Christian youth, and an MBA graduate from Palakkad(kerala), without informing her mother Bindu Kumar. 

Nimisha changed her name to Fatima after converting to Islam. After this, Nimisha reportedly arrived in Syria with her husband and child in 2016 to join ISIS. According to Nimisha Mother Bindu Sampath, To leave India, Nimisha made an excuse to go to Sri Lanka for religious study. Nimisha’s family had earlier accused of love jihad, as the girl was converted.

In 2017, Bindu Sampath had moved the Supreme Court seeking a probe by a central agency into the religious conversions in Kerala.

Nimisha’s brother is a National Security Guard (NSG) commando and She was pregnant while leaving the country. “My children were religious and patriotic. My son wanted to be a military officer and daughter chose to be a dentist,” said Bindu Sampath, Mother of Nimisha.

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