Kerala Thief Writes Apology Note After Breaking Into Army-Man’s House

A case of a patriot thief has surfaced in Kochi in Kerala. A thief who sneaked into a house in Thiruvanakulam area of ​​Kochi but when he came to know that he had entered the house of a retired colonel, then his patriotism was awakened. He took only 1500 rupees in the name of theft. After this he went away with expensive liquor from Colonel’s wardrobes.

In addition to this, he wrote a message on the wall apologising to the retired colonel. The thief also mentioned the Bible in his message. The thief wrote on wall, “during the robbery, when I saw the colonel’s cap, I understood that this house belongs to an army officer. If I had known before, I would never have come to this house. Please forgive me, Officer. I have violated the seventh commandment of the Bible. You will follow me to hell.”

Note written by Thief on wall

The thief also left a bag full of stolen documents from a house nearby. In a note with the bag, he wrote, “please return this bag to the shopkeeper.” According to the police, it is likely that the thief was walking in the house only when he saw the colonel’s cap. A police officer said that the thief’s remorse was visible in his apology.

The retired colonel was not at home during the incident. It has been reported that the Colonel has been with his family in Bahrain for the last two months. The next day after the incident, when the servants came to clean the house, he saw this thief’s apology. On receiving information about the incident, the police arrived, it was found that the thief had come inside after breaking the door of the house with an iron rod.

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