Watch: Kerala Women Who Joined ISIS Now Want To Return Home

Last year more than 1400 ISIS (Islamic State) men, women & Children surrendered to the Afghan government. Many of surrendered women belong to Kerala and now they want to return to India.

Nearly four years ago, more than 20 Keralites including men & women fled from India to join the Islamic State (ISIS).

“Khorasan Files: The Journey Of Indian ‘Islamic State’ Widows”, was released by StratNewsGlobal, a New Delhi-based news website. In video, three Keralite women- Sonia Sebastian alias Ayisha, Nimisha alias Fathima, and Rafeala, speak about their life before and after the Caliphate.

Nimisha and Sonia had converted to Islam from Hindu and Christian faiths during their college days.

Sonia Sebastian was a christian girl who converted to Islam and changed her name to Ayisha. She married Abdul Rashid in 2011 who belonged to Kasargod, Kerala. Sonia and Abdul Rashid had fled in 2016 along with their daughter. She is in most wanted list of NIA.

Source: NIA

According to NIA report, Abdul Rashid Abdulla was mastermind behind several Keralites fleeing the country to join the ISIS. Abdul Rashid also ran a group on Telegram to allegedly radicalise more Keralites by sending extremist audio messages.

Source: NIA

Now Sonia (Ayisha) wants to return to India. She said, “Now, I want to return to India to my husband’s family and I want to cut myself off from everything that has happened. My husband is also no more and what I have left is his family and now I wish to return to India”.

“I want to live an Islamic life under the Caliphate,” Sonia said when she was asked about the motivations behind joining the ISIS.

Nimisha was a Hindu girl who converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima. She belongs from Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. She was in final year of Dental studies when she fled.

First she married Bexin, a Christian youth, and an MBA graduate from Palakkad(kerala), without informing her mother Bindu Kumar. After this, Nimisha reportedly arrived in Syria with her husband and child in 2016 to join ISIS. According to Nimisha Mother Bindu Sampath, To leave India, Nimisha made an excuse to go to Sri Lanka for religious study. Nimisha’s family had earlier accused of love jihad, as the girl was converted.

Source: NIA

According to NIA, An arrested aid of Islamic preacher Zakir Naik radicalised group of people at Islamic research foundation in Mumbai and an Imam in Kasargod (Kerala) turned them in extremists. Christians and Hindus were helped to convert to Islam and The group finally joined ISIS & left for Afghanistan.

Source: NIA

Watch: Khorasan Files: The Journey Of Indian ‘Islamic State’ Widows

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