Kolkata Blast Site ‘Cleaned’ Even Before Forensic Team’s Visit, 1 died & 10 injured

A Bomb explosion occurred in the city market area of ​​Dumdum, Kolkata. in which one child was killed while more than 10 people were injured. The injured people have been admitted to different hospitals.

In a shocking development, even as the forensic team was yet to arrive at the Kolkata blast site, where a crude bomb had exploded earlier in the day, all circumstantial evidences have been washed out. The shocking footage of the same showed men with broom cleaning up circumstantial evidences, dumping them into garbage bins and washing off the blood at site with water. The most astonishing detail of the event was, the clean-up happened even as the media crew and locals were present at the site. It is yet to be ascertained as to who ordered this clean-up even before the forensic team could examine the site.

Here is the video of blast site where workers are cleaning Evidence even before Forensic Team’s Visit: 

So the question arises is that why evidences have been cleaned? cleaning evidences is totally crime and it comes under IPC 201 which says that destruction of criminal evidences is punishable so it is clear that someone want to save somebody who is accused in this Bomb blast. From where, such high intensity bomb came in Kolkata which is capital of One of the most important states of India?

Now in starting Kolkata police said that Its a High Intensity Blast but Later they overturned their statement and said that Its a low intensity blast. so the question arises that does Kolkata police want to save someone ?

The ruling Party in Bengal TMC has blamed BJP and RSS for this blast. Purnendu Basu, a minister in Mamata Banerjee government accused the RSS and BJP for the blast. Basu said, ‘I can assure you that we are political persons, and they are police. What they cannot do, we can do’.

so lets see the history of Mamata Govt about Bomb Blast:

  • In previously 32,750 kg explosives seized in Birbhum
  • 14 live bombs found in Howrah
  • 50,000 detonators seized in Birbhum
  • Bombs found in TMC leader house
  • Today, Blast in Bengal
  • and when the Burdwan blast happened Mamata Banerjee blamed RAW for 2014 Burdwan blast which was truly shocking.

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