Lady IPS Officer Alleges molestation charge on Assam Rifles Jawan, Assam Rifles says She had illegally entered in Myanmar

A female IPS officer accused a soldier of Assam Rifles for harassing her at Moreh in Moreng in Tengnoupal district of Manipur. The IPS officer has filed a complaint against Rifleman PK Pandey in writing. Subsequently, the rifleman was summoned to appear at the police station. Manipur DGP LM Khaute said on Monday, ‘We contacted the Assam Rifles officials. An FIR has been lodged against the rifleman. 

According to the female IPS officer, the rifleman molested her and when her security personnel tried to interfere, he drove them away. The officer alleged that the rifleman made obscene remarks, abused and even tried to snatch her phone when she wanted to contact her senior officers. Police said the case was reported to the Brigadier of the 26th Assam Rifles and the Major of the D-Company of the 12th AR. 

Now Assam Rifles has also refuted the false allegation of alleged harassment of Lady IPS officer by Jawan. Assam Rifles said that the allegation is fabricated, baseless, false and malicious.

Assam Rifles Statement:

At around 2 pm, a white coloured Tata Sumo (registration number MN01G-6243) while returning from Moreh bypassed the designated scanning lane and also jumped the vehicle queue at PVCP Khugengthabi resulting in commotion and inconvenience to other passengers.The vehicle was stopped by the AR troops and the passengers were asked for their identification which is the normal course of action at PVCP.

On being enquired about the identity of the passengers and reasons for bypassing the scanning and jumping the queue, the lady along with the armed male escorts all in civil dress started arguing in an ignoble and indecorous language which is unbecoming of a uniformed personnel.This was possibly with an aim to avoid checking of the unidentified and suspicious stores loaded in the vehicle.

Despite numerous requests from the troops of Assam Rifles, the lady refused to divulge her identity and rather began questioning the troops who were performing their mandated duty by asking “Don’t you know me?”

At this moment, the lady sitting in co-driver seat started clicking photographs of PVCP which was objected by Rifleman PK Pandey. However, she persisted and continued clicking which is against the laid down norms. The high headedness displayed by the lady officer at a sensitive post of PVCP is against the ethics of any uniformed soldier, charged the Assam Rifles.

It is highlighted that the lady police officer and her escort were moving in civil clothes with their personal weapons without any escort vehicle outside her area of jurisdiction. A formal request to the lady officer by the Commandant, 12 Assam Rifles and Deputy Inspector General, Headquarters 26 Sector Assam Rifles to resolve the matter amicably was not responded affirmatively in return.

The security grid along NH -102 has been further strengthened due to the upcoming Republic Day with instructions to all check posts along NH 102 to be on extra vigil and high alert. It is pertinent to mention that movement of such vehicles with occupants in civil dress with weapons in counter insurgency area and without prior intimation to other security agencies has serious operational ramifications.

The fallacious and misguided allegation by lady officer shows her blatant misuse of power. Notwithstanding, The organisation stands strictly against such false allegation and use of such threatening and derogatory language. As a sentinels of North East, Assam Rifles will investigate the matter and ensure that a free and fair trial is conducted on the matter raised by the Lady officer.

On detailed investigation, it has come to notice that allegedly the lady IPS officer Miss Anupam on official duty entered Myanmar illegally & bought suspicious and unidentified goods from across the border (Namphalong/Tamu) . Video Footage of her entering Myanmar and subsequently loading her so called official vehicle with suspicious goods available with Assam rifles, which exposes her blatant lie in her complaint that she was on official duty.

Can a Central Government servant on bonafide duty cross over to Myanmmar flouting all FMR rules and then covering her allegations on pretext of official duty needs further investigation.?

Video available at PVCP will be released to media at appropriate time.

The incident happened in broad daylight (1400 hr) in front of multiple agencies. It is unimaginable that a jawan tried to molest, physically assault or beat an IPS officer. In fact it was the other way round wherein she was shouting at a jawan who was on bonafide duty and her four escorts trying to force their way through by creating commotion and avoid scanning of the vehicle.

It is a sheer case of misuse of official position, power and arrogance shown by the Lady IPS officer for avoiding search of suspicious goods in her vehicle and also admonishing an Assam Rifles personnel deployed on bonafide military duty at a bonafide designated check post.

Being a lady she is trying to play the sympathy card and has also approached various agencies to highlight her case.

The PVCP at Khudhengthabi is the designated frisking and checking point just outside FMR on Moreh-Imphal axis. It has led to seizures of more than Rs 500 crore of contrabands since January 2019 alone in 125 separate incidents on this axis is a clear indication of importance of the PVCP at Khudengthabi.

The seizures during the year 2019 are more than the combined seizures of last 5 years on this axis by Assam Rifles personnel and especially by PVCP to safeguard the youth of Manipur from the menace of drug abuse.

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