Late Rifleman Aurangzeb’s brothers Mohd Shabir and Mohd Tariq have joined the Indian army today

Two younger brothers of Indian Army jawan Aurangzeb have also joined the Indian army. According to Mohammad Hanif, the father of the Aurangzeb, both his sons, Mohammad Tariq and Mohammed Shabbir, who are younger than Aurangzeb, have joined to the army to protect their motherland and at this time their training is going on. Aurangzeb’s father Mohammad Hanif is also a retired soldier from Indian Army.

Aurangzeb’s brothers Mohd Shabir and Mohd Tariq join the Indian Army

Aurangzeb’s brothers said – ‘we are ready to give our life for nation like our brother. We will take revenge for brother’s death and make our country proud.

Last year, the Indian Army’s jawan Aurangzeb sacrificed his life for nation. His body was recovered from Pulwama. He was going to his home to celebrate the Eid. Aurangzeb was a resident of Poonch district. There was a huge crowd in his last rite.

Not only Aurangzeb, his uncle also sacrificed his life for the country in 2004. Aurangzeb has 5 brothers. So far four brothers have joined the Indian Army. Mohammad Asan, the youngest brother of Aurangzeb, has also expressed his desire to join the army.

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