List of people who signed Afzal Guru’s mercy petition

There was many people including various human right commission and political groups from jammu kashmir, wanted to save Afzal guru from death because they beleived that Afzal guru was innocent and he didn’t receive fair trial. Afzal guru was framed by corrupt police and the victim of inefficient police work.

Some world level human rights people like Arundhati roy and Praful bidai criticized the Afzal’s trial and said that Afzal guru did not receive neutral trial ana they also alleged that human rights violations were made on Afzal guru by India.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) severely criticised Arundhati Roy. BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said:

“Those who are supporting Afzal by demanding that he should not be hanged are not only acting against public sentiment in the country but are giving a fillip to terrorist morale”

Former J&k cm Mufti Mohammad Sayeed supported the mercy plea of Afzal guru and it was claimed that he did this for appeasement of muslim vote bank . He said that Centre should pardon Afzal if Pakistan accepted the clemency appeal for Sarabjit Singh.

An India Today poll in October 2006 showed that 78% of Indians supported the death penalty for Afzal guru means there were 22% people who had not supported that death penalty of Afzal guru.

Here is the Mercy petition letter and list of people who signed the Afzal Guru’s mercy petition.

Dear Dr. Abdul Kalam,
When the then President of India rejected the mercy petition of Kehar Singh, sentenced to death in the Indira Gandhi assassination case, the statement of the government was this: “The President is of the opinion that he cannot go into the merits of a case finally decided by the Highest Court of the Land.”

This was challenged by Kehar Singh, and a five-judge Bench of the Supreme Court (AIR 1989 SC 653) held that the opinion formed by the then President was wrong because a decision of the Supreme Court can also be wrong. The President, the Supreme Court held, can determine whether or not a convict is guilty — the findings of the courts, including the Supreme Court, notwithstanding.

Here are a few excerpts from the full-bench judgment:
“… To any civilized society, there can be no attributes more important than the life and personal liberty of its members. That is evident from the paramount position given by the courts to Article 21 of the Constitution. These twin attributes enjoy a fundamental ascendancy over all other attributes of the political and social order and consequently, the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary are more sensitive to them than to the other attributes of daily existence. The deprivation of personal liberty and the threat of deprivation of life by the action of the State is in most civilized societies regarded seriously and recourse, either under express constitutional provision or through legislative enactment, is provided to the judicial organ. But, fallibility of human judgement being undeniable even in the most trained mind, … it has been considered appropriate that in the matter of life and personal liberty, the protection should be extended by entrusting power further to some high authority to scrutinize the validity of the threatened denial of life or the threatened or continued denial of personal liberty. The power so entrusted is a power belonging to the people and reposed in the highest dignitary of the state.

“… It is open to the President in the exercise of the power vested in him by Article 72 of the Constitution to scrutinize the evidence on the record of the criminal case and come to a different conclusion from that recorded by the court in regard to the guilt of, and sentence imposed on, the accused.

“… It is apparent that the power under Article 72 entitles the President to examine the record of evidence of the criminal case and to determine for himself whether the case is one deserving the grant of relief falling within that power. The President is entitled to go into the merits of the case notwithstanding that it has been judicially concluded by the consideration given to it by the Supreme Court.”

You will be aware, Sir, that the Supreme Court has without explanation rejected the curative petition filed by Mohd. Afzal Guru, sentenced to death in the Parliament attack case. That petition was the last option available to him through the courts. Now his only hope of living is the mercy petition which is with you. As we have seen, the Supreme Court itself has said, in a full-bench judgment, that it is in the nature of things that it can be wrong. We know that Mohd. Afzal Guru was convicted on the basis of circumstantial evidence and that from the start he had no effective legal defence. We know also that he was the victim of a shrill media campaign.

The President has the power to re-examine the evidence and come to a conclusion different even from that of the Supreme Court. While a court is limited to examining the material placed before it, the President can take into account a wide range of considerations, including political, social and moral ones.

The Supreme Court has referred only to the President’s power under Article 72 of the Constitution. We wish to go further and say that it is the President’s moral responsibility to ensure that injustice is not done to a citizen by depriving him of life or personal liberty.

We urge you, Sir, to exercise your constitutional power in the matter of Mohd. Afzal Guru’s mercy petition keeping in mind your moral responsibility and also the fact that your power was entrusted to you by us, your fellow citizens.

Yours truly,
Mukul Dube, N. D. Pancholi and Harsh Kapoor

Endorsing Signatories (Internet, up to 7 February 2007):

  1. Sukla Sen, EKTA (Committee for Communal Amity), Mumbai
  2. S Irfan Habib
  3. Siddharth Varadarajan(The wire founder, famous journalist)
  4. D N Jha, Former Professor and Head, Dept. of History, Delhi University
  5. Prashant Bhushan (SC lawyer)
  6. Aseem Shrivastava
  7. Harsh Mander (Former NAC member which headed by Sonia Gandhi)
  8. Naveen chander
  9. Aurnab Ghose
  10. c.k.vishwanath
  11. Rebecca Kurian
  12. Sandeep Vaidya
  13. Gautam Sen
  14. I. K. Shukla
  15. Soumya Chakravarti
  16. Shalini Gera
  17. Raja Swamy
  18. Rachna Toshniwal
  19. Robin Khundkar
  20. rila Mukherjee
  21. k.g. sankara Pillai
  22. Shobhit Mahajan
  23. Sayan Bhattacharyya
  24. G. Arunima
  25. Saeed M. Ali
  26. Binayak Sen
  28. Rita Sircar Brown
  29. Prof. Dr. Michael J. Casimir
  30. Vinod K. Jose
  31. Denilal
  32. Vinod K. Jose / REPEATED
  33. Shubh Mathur
  34. Kartic Chauhan
  35. Ambar G Rao
  36. Basharat Peer
  37. rekha saraswat
  38. P.K. Sasidharan
  39. Anand Patwardhan
  40. mangalika de silva
  41. Balaji Narasimhan
  42. Sanjeev Mahajan
  43. Veena Dubal
  44. John Pinto
  45. Gautam Premnath
  46. K.S. Subramanian IPS (Retd)
  47. SM Shahed
  48. jitendra kumar
  49. Mohinder Singh
  50. Shobna Sonpar
  51. Shambhavi Prakash
  52. Damandeep Singh
  53. R. Das
  54. Saheli, New Delhi
  55. Dr. Anis Alam
  56. Nandini Manjrekar
  57. Nikhlesh Kumar
  58. Shakil qasmi
  59. Vineeta Bal
  60. rao abid hamid
  61. Nandita Rao
  62. Latha Jishnu
  63. deepti
  64. Avanija Sundaramurti
  65. Ram Narayan Kumar
  66. sahba husain
  67. anil chamadia
  68. Lalita Ramdas
  69. Charu Sudan Kasturi
  70. nithanth
  71. Nirmalangshu Mukherji
  72. Vasanthi Raman
  73. John Thomas
  74. Sunita Abraham
  75. Dr Y P Chhibbar
  76. Gerry Pinto
  77. Professor Imtiaz Ahmad
  78. Rita Panicker
  79. Prabha
  80. Padma Velaskar
  81. Rajya Sj Rao
  82. roma solomon
  83. Nimanthi Rajasingham
  84. Asad Hussain
  85. Sona Khan
  86. Sabeeha Bano
  87. shoma sen
  88. Ammu Abraham
  89. Amrit Wilson
  90. Kalpana Wilson
  91. Divyaraj
  92. Zafar Khan
  93. Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
  94. Zafar Khan / REPEATED
  95. Dr.Monirul Hussain
  96. J. Manjrekar
  97. Uday Benegal
  98. Luingamla K
  99. Abhijit Gupta
  100. Pankaj Bisht
  101. Rohit Prajapati
  102. Ravindra Karnena
  103. chitra joshi
  104. Neeladri Bhattacharya
  105. Srikanth Pinninti
  106. mukul mangalik
  107. Gitika De
  108. G P Ramachandran
  109. Farzana Versey
  110. Adil Khan
  111. Kaveri Rajaraman
  112. Angana Chatterji
  113. Nasreen Fazalbhoy
  114. Asad Zaidi
  115. Nalini Taneja
  116. Mariam Karim
  117. Hasrat Arjjumend
  118. Suman Sachdeva
  119. Dr. Sharat G Lin
  120. Ruchira Guglani
  121. manodeep guha
  122. dithhi bhattacharya
  123. samir bhattacharya
  124. mandira bhattacharya
  125. abhijit mazumdar
  126. ajoy arora
  127. Arun J
  130. Kyle Paterson
  131. Vijayan MJ
  132. Sanjay Barbora
  133. Amrita Patwardhan
  134. Anil Tharayath Varghese
  135. Joe Athialy
  136. praveenpriyadarshi
  137. Ameen Shaikh
  138. Iftikhar A Lodhi
  139. Anil Varghese
  140. Samvit Prakash
  141. Bikram Jeet Batra
  142. junned khan
  143. Maju Varghese
  144. Dr. George Mathew
  145. Taranga
  146. Asad Bin Saif
  147. Vaskar Nandy
  148. Lachit Bordoloi
  149. basudev bose
  150. Deepu Koshy George
  151. Kavita Panjabi
  152. Vasanthi V
  153. Samantak Das
  154. Reetika Khera
  155. Sanjay D’Souza
  156. koel das
  157. saeed suhrawardy
  158. Moinak Biswas
  159. Prof. Hiranmoy Dhar
  160. Muniza Khan
  161. Prof. Dipak Malik
  162. Dr. Anand Dipayan
  163. Dr. Nasim Khan
  164. Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer
  165. Dr. Deepti Pandey
  166. Anand Wardhan
  167. Dr. Vijay Shiwpuri
  168. Jaby Mathew
  169. Bindu Menon
  170. Jatin Jain
  171. Deepali Gogia
  172. Manish Singh
  173. Gaurav
  174. Aryakrishnan Ramakrishnan
  175. Biju Joseph
  176. Richa Burman
  177. gulzar
  178. manash bhattacharjee
  179. aakshi
  180. Dr. Haimanti Roy
  181. Vikneswari
  182. Debashish Das
  183. Primmy Kapoor
  184. Ridhima
  185. Sanam
  186. Swati Arora
  187. Amiya Dev
  188. Subha Chakraborty Dasgupta
  189. Anna Protano-Biggs
  190. Debarshi Das
  191. anushae alam
  192. Vimala Joseph
  193. Rahul S. Nair
  194. Smitu Kothari, Intercultural Resources and Lokayan
  195. Anirban Ghosh
  196. Paramjeet Singh
  197. Fazil Jamili
  198. Manzoor Hussain Memon
  199. Shewli
  200. Khusro Mumtaz
  201. Shahzad Mughal
  202. Syed Ameer Hasan
  203. ghazala khan
  204. suroor
  205. Jayawati Shrivastava
  206. Shakeel
  207. Hanif ur Rehman
  208. nirmal kumar chandra
  209. L Sami
  210. asawari kapur
  211. s. sanjeev
  212. b. priyaranjanlal
  213. Mythri Prasad
  214. Jayasree Kalathil
  215. Anand Kapre
  216. Ashley Tellis
  217. Prashant Gupta
  218. Chetan Premani
  219. Ramkumar Sridharan
  220. Yvonne Christie
  221. Vaibhav Saria
  222. Susan Abraham
  223. Ajitha Susan George
  224. Shad Naved
  225. jenny rowena
  226. ahmed memon
  227. Rama Srinivasan
  228. Krishna Bandyopadhyay
  229. Raktim Gangopadhyay
  230. Ratheesh Radhakrishnan
  231. Jenson Joseph
  232. Drew Christie
  233. Javaid Lotia
  234. sruti bala
  235. Lucie Prazak
  236. Amit Chakraborty
  237. Amit Chakraborty / REPEATED
  238. Monica Sakhrani
  239. adnan
  240. paul edward
  241. Ravindra S. Garia
  242. Shaijith VM
  243. nima lamu yolmo
  244. michael kariuki
  245. Kenneth Gonsalves
  246. humayun talat
  247. Zaarah
  248. Santhosh
  249. nusrat jamil ms
  250. Dr. Sheikh Gh.Rasool Waleed
  251. Talha Majeed Khan
  252. badri raina
  253. Jocelyn Ortt-Saeed
  254. Manvi Priya
  255. Subhiksh Vasudev
  257. nakul
  258. kris Leshanski
  259. John Walker
  260. Amrita Ghosh
  261. lok raj sangathan
  262. Dilip Simeon
  263. Rajashri Dasgupta
  264. K.S. Sreejithkumar
  265. Raziya Sultana
  266. Anjana Singh
  267. Jerome Fernandez
  268. Anila George
  269. Elizabeth Philip
  270. prakash p gopinath
  271. Professor Dr. Upendra Baxi
  272. Simone Fein
  273. R. Selvam
  274. Andrew Freeborn
  275. jain
  276. Ajoy George
  277. V C Harris
  278. Vinita Kaul
  279. Meena Menon
  280. Ajay Sekher
  281. rohan kumar
  282. Biswatosh Saha
  283. Chandra Kallideel
  284. Sreekala Sivasankaran
  285. M.T. Ansari
  286. Samkutty Pattomkary
  287. Dr.A.K.Ramakrishnan
  288. Bernard D’Mello
  289. Silky Tyagi
  290. Firdaus Moosa
  291. Shaijith
  292. Prathibha V.S
  293. Sreeharshan V.S
  294. Nalin Bharti
  295. Svati Joshi
  296. Tista Bagchi
  297. lata singh
  298. lata singh / REPEATED
  299. Arif Ghaffar
  300. Mian Zahid Ghani
  301. diep
  302. nadeem iqbal
  303. Seela M. Mahapatra
  304. Jessie Jandu
  305. geetika
  306. Mohammed Maqsood
  307. Sandip Kumar Dasverma
  308. Dr. Sreelatha S.
  309. Sarbjit Johal
  310. Naaz Rashid
  311. Nabina Das
  312. P B DAS
  313. Mohit Chandna
  314. Nida Ali
  315. william perry
  316. khalid shahzad MIR
  317. Himanshu U
  318. Shammi Kumar
  319. Shama Punwani
  320. veena malhotra
  321. Seena Menon
  322. george
  323. E. Premdas
  324. Beneek
  325. sibi
  326. Santanu Basu
  327. Madhu Sahni
  328. pampa mukherjee
  329. Radhika Menon
  330. Kailash
  331. Shahida Khan
  332. Mahi Pal Singh, Gen. Secy., Delhi PUCL
  334. Prakash Upadhyaya
  335. Balwindar Rana
  336. Sangeeta Mall
  337. Raimohan Pal
  338. Madhuri Pal
  339. premkrishna sharma
  340. shabana khan
  341. g rajeshkumar
  342. waseem
  343. Charan Shandilya
  344. Sukumar Muralidharan
  345. Shahab Mahmood
  346. B.N.Patnaik
  347. mahfooz


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