List of people who signed Ajmal Kasab’s mercy petition

There are total 203 people had filed mercy petition for 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab but in this list some names are very shocking as example Harsh Mandar also filed petition for Ajmal Kasab and he considered as the right hand of Sonia gandhi and he was also NAC (National Advisory council) member.  Sonia Gandhi served as its Chairperson for much of the tenure of the UPA. Aruna roy who was also a NAC member member, was also signed the petition. here is the full list of people who signed the mercy petition :

List of people who signed Ajmal Kasab’s mercy petition

Name Profession Email Id
Yug Mohit Chaudhry Lawyer [email protected]
Abdul Wahab Khan Lawyer [email protected]
Vrinda Grover Lawyer [email protected]
Meenal Baghel Editor, Mumbai Mirror [email protected]
Anish Grewal Entrepreneur [email protected]
Harsh Mander Social Activist, NAC Member [email protected]
Aakar Patel Journalist [email protected]
Reena George Ph.D. Student [email protected]
Harish Dhawan Associate Prof. in Eco, Univ. of Delhi [email protected]
Swastayan Roy Journalist [email protected]
Mukul Mahant Social Activist [email protected]
V. Venkatesan Journalist [email protected]
S. Thambisetty Professor, LSE [email protected]
Anusha Rizvi Independent Filmaker [email protected]
Bhaskar Hazarika   [email protected]
Shivam Vij Journalist [email protected]
K. P. Shankaran Lecturer (Retd) in Philosophy [email protected]
Byatha N. Jagadeesh Lawyer [email protected]
Mayank Misra Lawyer [email protected]
Babu Mathew Professor of Law [email protected]
Surabhi Chopra Law Professor. [email protected]
Suroor Mander Advocate [email protected]
Anuj Bhagwati Entrepreneur [email protected]
Kiran Bhatty Independent Researcher [email protected]
Mahmood Farooqui Historian, Artist, Filmmaker. [email protected]
Jyoti Punwani Journalist [email protected]
Colin Gonsalves Senior Advocate, Supreme Court. [email protected]
Pritam Bhatty Artist [email protected]
Vijay Raghavan Tata Institute of Social Sciences [email protected]
Abbas Kazmi Lawyer [email protected]
Aditi Khanna   [email protected]
Andaleeb Alam Social Worker [email protected]
Dr. Madhav Thambisetty Professor of Medicine [email protected]
Prof Rupin Desai Professor of English (retd) [email protected]
Biraj Patnaik   [email protected]
Sameer Sain Entrepreneur [email protected]
Ved Kumari Professor of Law [email protected]
Peoples’ Union for Democratic Rights   [email protected]
Shankar Raman Cinematographer [email protected]
Gautam Babbar United Nations [email protected]
Nandita Das Actress [email protected]
Gaurav Sinha Lawyer [email protected]
Maharukh Adenwalla Lawyer [email protected]
Gulnar Bandukwalla Pruisken Entrepreneur [email protected]
Kalyani Menon Sen Feminist Learning Partnerships [email protected]
Vijay Hiremath Lawyer [email protected]
Kamla Bhasin Social Scientist [email protected]
Devaki Jain Development Economist and Writer [email protected]
Saumya Uma Consultant on Gender, Law and Human Rights [email protected]
Kamayani Bali Mahabal   [email protected]
Urvija Priyadarshini Ph.D. Student [email protected]
Kanamma Raman   [email protected]
Priyanka Vegad Lawyer [email protected]
Parul Gupta Language Teacher [email protected]
Shruti Gupta Telecom Professional [email protected]
Kiran Shaheen   [email protected]
Harsh Bora Lawyer [email protected]
Kalpana Kannabiran   [email protected]
Anju Talukdar   [email protected]
Rahul Roy   [email protected]
Rebecca Mammen John Lawyer [email protected]
Rana Behal   [email protected]
Navsharan Singh   [email protected]
Binoo John   [email protected]
Sankar Sen IPS, Retd Director, National Police Academy; DG (Investigations, NHRC) [email protected]
Chetan Mali Lawyer [email protected]
Dr. Walter Fernandes North Eastern Social Research Centre [email protected]
Manohar Elavarthi Praja Rajakiya Vedike, Bangalore [email protected]
Geeta Thatra Research Fellow, Tata Institute of Social Sciences [email protected]
Jayasree Subramanian Tata Institute of Social Sciences [email protected]
Susan Abraham Lawyer [email protected]
Veena Gowda Lawyer [email protected]
Flavia Agnes Lawyer [email protected]
Gautam Patel Lawyer [email protected]
Dale Luis Menezes   [email protected]
Rafiul Alom Rahman Student [email protected]
N. Jayaram Journalist [email protected]
Richa Minocha Member Secretary, Jan Abhiyan Sanstha, Himachal Pradesh [email protected]
Paari Vendan Lawyer [email protected]
Jeny Antony   [email protected]
Namita Kohli Student [email protected]
Rimple Mehta JU-SYLFF Doctoral Fellow, Jadavpur University [email protected]
Brinda Bose   [email protected]
Javed Iqbal Journalist [email protected]
S. Anand Publisher, Navayana [email protected]
Jinee Lokaneeta Associate Professor, Political Science [email protected]
Anu Salelkar   [email protected]
Sneha Krishnan   [email protected]
Dr. Akhil Katyal Assistant Professor Delhi University [email protected]
Shreela Manohar Researcher and Activist [email protected]
Dr Sandeep Bakshi Postdoctoral Fellow, English. [email protected]
Madhumita Dutta   [email protected]
Nisha Biswas   [email protected]
Ashok Agarwaal   [email protected]
Shalini Gera   [email protected]
Jamal Kidwai   [email protected]
Anjali Dave Tata Institute of Social Sciences [email protected]
Laxmi Murthy   [email protected]
Harsh Kapoor   [email protected]
Bondita Acharya   [email protected]
Madhu Sarin Psychoanalyst [email protected]
Dilip Simeon   [email protected]
Rashmi Gera   [email protected]
Joe Athialy   [email protected]
Lalita Ramdas   [email protected]
Abha Bhaiya   [email protected]
Malani S   [email protected]
Manisha Sethi Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association [email protected]
Deepti Saheli [email protected]
Tarun Bhartiya   [email protected]
Anuradha Chenoy   [email protected]
Kamal Mitra Chenoy   [email protected]
Aseem Shrivastava   [email protected]
Sagari R Ramdas   [email protected]
Madhoo   [email protected]
Kunjam Pandu Dora   [email protected]
Akshay Pathak   [email protected]
Jagmohan Singh   [email protected]
Dunu Roy   [email protected]
Rituparna Borah   [email protected]
Mansoor Nazeer   mansoor_nazeer
Bharti Ali   [email protected]
Sumi Krishna   [email protected]
Dr Ambrose Pinto SJ Administrator, St Joseph’s Evening Colleges, Bangalore [email protected]
Padmini Mirchandani Publisher [email protected]
Neha Mujumdar   [email protected]
Valmiki Naik   [email protected]
Naresh Fernandes Writer [email protected]
Sanchia de Souza   [email protected]
Sonal Shah Editor [email protected]
Ruth Sequeira   [email protected]
Namisha Gupta   [email protected]
Radha Thomas   [email protected]
Nikhil Kumar   [email protected]
suchi pande   [email protected]
Ruchi Gupta   [email protected]
Srila Roy   [email protected]
Purnima Gupta   [email protected]
A. K. Jayasree   [email protected]
Swarnlata Mahilkar   [email protected]
Apoorva Kaivar   Lawyer
Beena Choksi   [email protected]
Nachiket Udupa   [email protected]
Dilip D’Souza Journalist [email protected]
Forum Against Opression of Women, Mumbai   [email protected]
Anita Cherian Asst. Prof, Eng. Dept, Indraprastha [email protected]
Simin Lakhani   [email protected]
Meghna Vesvikar   [email protected]
Saumya Bahuguna Social Worker [email protected]
Shakil Ahmad Lawyer [email protected]
Dr. Prashant Kidambi Lecturer in History, Univ. of Leicester. [email protected]
Balaji Narasimhan   [email protected]
Jacob Matthan   [email protected]
Tara Chambers   [email protected]
Amrita Shodhan School of African and Asian Studies, UK [email protected]
Kavita Punjabi Prof. of Comparative Literature, Jadhavpur University. [email protected]
Babloo Loitongbam   [email protected]
Sujato Bhadra   [email protected]
Surya Shankar Dash   [email protected]
Gopal Krishna Member, Citizens Forum for Civil Liberties (CFCL) [email protected]
Mahasveta Devi Writer  
Padma Deosthali   [email protected]
Amitabha Pande   [email protected]
Richa Berry   [email protected]
Aruna Roy   [email protected]
Nikhil Dey   [email protected]
Shankar Singh   [email protected]
Achin Vanaik   [email protected]
Zubin Bharucha Cricket Coach [email protected]
Siddhartha Sharma LL.M student, Berkeley [email protected]
Mary Scaria Lawyer [email protected]
Sashwati Mishra   [email protected]
Amin Solkar Lawyer [email protected]
Naima Shaikh Lawyer [email protected]
Samira Sheikh   [email protected]
Neeraj Malilk   [email protected]
Nikita Agarwal   [email protected]
Kritika Agarwal   [email protected]
Kasim Sait   [email protected]
Sukla Sen   [email protected]
Kareem Sait   [email protected]
Amba Kak   [email protected]
Nandini Dey   [email protected]
Ajaya Kumar Singh   [email protected]
Ashish Kothari   [email protected]
Vivek Sundara   [email protected]
Sabeena Gadihoke   [email protected]
HAQ: Centre for Child Rights   [email protected]
Amrita Nandy Jawaharlal Nehru University [email protected]
Rakhee Joshi Consultant, Social Research [email protected]
Puneet Kohli   [email protected]
Gana Kurinji Shanmugasundaram Vice-president, PUCL, (Tamil Nadu & Puduchery) [email protected]
Neha Choksi   [email protected]
Amita Chatterjee   [email protected]
Jashodhara Dasgupta   [email protected]
Gabriele Dietrich   [email protected]
Gayatri Menon   [email protected]
Bhairavi Sanghi Designer [email protected]
Siddharth Narrain Alternative Law Forum [email protected]
Murtaza Danish Husaini Actor and Dramatist. [email protected]
Aamir Bashir Actor and Director [email protected]

Source: Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena

Sonia Gandhi’s NAC members tried to save Ajmal Kasab: Congress-NCP government of Maharashtra, tasked the Lawyers, ‘Amin Solkar’ and ‘Farhana Shah’ to protect, Ajmal Kasab and Sonia Gandhi’s NAC members tried to save 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack killer Ajmal Kasab. Aruna Roy , Harsh Mander , Vrinda Grover and 203 others sought mercy for 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab.

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