Listen: “May you touch the sky with glory,” INS Kolkata Greets Rafales As They Take Off From UAE

Indian Rafale fighter jets contingent established contact with Indian Navy warship INS Kolkata soon after take off today from Al Dhafra Airbase of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“May you touch the sky with glory. Happy Landing,” Indian Navy warship INS Kolkata greeted Rafales when contact established between them.

INS Kolkata: Arrow leader (flying Rafale), welcome to Indian Ocean.

Rafale leader: Many thanks. Most reassuring to have an Indian warship guarding seas.

INS Kolkata: May you touch the sky with glory. Happy landings.

Rafale leader: Wish you fair winds. Happy hunting. Over&out.

Listen to the audio of the interaction between IAF Rafale and INS Kolkata which is deployed in the Western Arabian Sea:

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