London Bridge Attack: Terrorist identified as Pakistani Origin Usman Khan who wanted to recruit Britishers for Jihad in Kashmir

Attacks on London Bridge were described as a terrorist attack on Friday, with police issuing a statement that the suspect who carried out the attack was killed. Police said the suspect who wore the bomb vest was a fake bomb vest. According to local media reports, two people died in this attack.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said in his statement, “I can confirm that at approximately 2 pm today, Friday, 29 November, police were called to a stabbing at a premises near to London Bridge, EC1.”

Giving information about the bomb vest, Basu said, ‘We also received reports that the attacker may have explosives as well, due to which special officers were called to the spot. However, I confirm that the explosive device on the jacket the suspect was wearing was fake.

London Bridge attacker was identified as 28 year old Pakistani Usman Khan from Staffordshire, UK. He was released from Jail on Parole in 2018 after spending eight years in jail for terrorism offences. He was jailed for plotting to attack the London Stock Exchange in 2010.

Usman Khan was found guilty in 2012 on terror offences including raising fund for terrorism. He wanted to set up a terror camp in Kashmir and He also wanted to recruit Britishers to do jihad in Kashmir.

According to UK govt report, Usman traveled to Pakistan and planned to fund, construct and take part in a terrorist training camp in Kashmir, with a view to carrying out terrorist attack in Kashmir.

According to UK Court Judgement, He had planned to establish a “terrorist military training facility” on land owned by his family in Kashmir.”

The Times has reported that the attacker Usman Khan, was invited to attend the conference and sat through a morning session.

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