Major Anoop Mishra Develops World’s First Bullet-Proof Helmet Against AK-47

An Indian Army Major has developed the world’s first bullet proof helmet against AK-47 bullets. According to Indian Army officials, This is the world’s first bullet proof helmet which can stop an AK-47 bullet round from a distance of 10 meters. Weight of this helmet is 1.4 kg.

This Bullet-Proof Helmet has been developed by Major Anoop Mishra of the Indian Army’s College of Military Engineering. Earlier, He had also developed ‘Sarvatra’ Bullet-proof jacket for protection against sniper bullets.

Indian Army official said, “This bullet-proof helmet has been developed under the project Abhedya by Major Anoop Mishara who has also developed a bullet-proof jacket which can withstand sniper bullets.

Major Anoop Mishra has been awarded Army Design Bureau Excellence Award by the Army Chief. He has been awarded for indigenously developing Sarvatra bullet proof jacket.

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