Make in India: First time, Two Sniper Rifles made by An Indian Company

A Karnataka based arms manufacturing company has developed a prototype of the country’s first indigenous Sniper Rifle. It is built by SSS Defense, a Bangalore based company. The company has developed two sniper rifles. From this beginning, The company is hoping to lead India to become a arms manufacturing and exporting hub.

“We started designing and developing these rifles after the launch of ‘Make in India’ in the defense sector,” said Satish R Machani, managing director of SSS Defense, the country’s first indigenous sniper rifles company. It is the one of the few manufacturing companies allowed to manufacture weapons in the country.

SSS Defence company is a 61 years old and used to manufacture components for the automotive industry. Satish R Machani said, “We have supplied components for the defense sector. Our idea is to develop a complete arms system for our security forces and hope to become an arms exporter. We need to do more to build international-level weapons. ”

Explaining the indigenous technology, these This company is building a factory in Jigani in Karnataka at 80,000 square feet for its manufacturing unit.

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