Malaysia Govt banned the Zakir Naik’s speech in Malaysia

The Malaysian government has taken major action against fugitive preacher Zakir Naik. Zakir Naik has been banned from giving speeches all over Malaysia. Now he will not be able to give a speech anywhere in Malaysia. Zakir is accused of hurting the feelings of Hindus and people of China.

Malaysia Police said that Action against Zakir Naik has been taken for national harmony and the interests of the people. Earlier, he was questioned for 10 hours on Monday. Meanwhile, on this whole issue, Zakir has now apologized.

Zakir Naik said that Despite Malaysia being Muslim-majority, Hindus had said to have a lot of rights. Actually Zakir said that Hindus in Malaysia have got 100 times more rights than minority Muslims in India. This racist comment was strongly opposed by the Indian community. This was seen as a comment against mutual brotherhood, harmony and right to equality and because of this reason, Malaysia govt has taken the action against Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik said in his defense, “I have always been a supporter of peace, this is what the Quran means. It has been my mission to spread peace throughout the world. Unfortunately my critics are trying to stop this mission of mine. You must have seen in the last few days that I am being accused of spreading religious racial poison in the country and my critics are raising some selective things. Today I have put my side before the police.”

Zakir Naik further said, “I am also sad that non-Muslim people are considering me a racist for this whole episode. I am also worried about this because Racism is an evil, I am against it. The same is said in the Quran.”

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Zakir Naik further said in his statement, “Even though I have made my stand clear, I still apologize to the people for this mistake. I do not want anyone to have the wrong feelings against me. My objective has never been to offend any person or community.”

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