Man acquitted in fake ISRO spy case died without knowing the news of verdict

ISRO had planned to develop Cryogenic Engine by 1998 but the fake case costed us delay of 19 years.

Along with ISRO scientists, Kerala Police also arrested K Chandrasekhar, an Indian Representative of Russian Space Agency. He was part of the team that was negotiating the transfer of technology of Cryogenic Engine to India by Russia.k. chandrashekhar

He was tortured physically & mentally and was humiliated. People attacked his home, calling him traitor. He had to change the state. From that time on, he closed himself in his house, completely cut-off from the world.
On Friday, when Supreme Court announced that the case was fake, he was admitted to the hospital. He went into coma an hour before the verdict which acquitted K. chandrashekhar & S. Nambi Narayanan and associates from all charges.

After his arrest and torture, he turned recluse living in Bengaluru. His wife Vijayamma says the case broke his reputation, ruined his life and destroyed their family. She believes his prolonged ailment was a result of the stress of the past 22 years. He will be cremated today. Wife of K. chandrashekhar, K. Vijayamma said “We tried to show him TV grabs of the news but he was unconscious and didn’t respond. It was the day he had been waiting for but when it finally arrived it was too late” 

” what did they (Kerala police and IB sleuths) achieve in framing a false case? Who will be responsible for the trauma that we faced all these years? They ruined his career and our peace of mind. They attacked our house in Kerala, called him a traitor and harassed us. We want to know why they did it” said Vijayamma. The couple has no children.

A relative said, “K. chandrashekhar was shattered after the incident. He always said that time would prove his innocence. We were also confident that he was innocent. But he could not pursue the case since his wife was working in a central government establishment and he was worried it would affect her job as they were dependent on her income”

His family kept TV on in his room so that he could hear the news but in vain. It was too late. And he died this Sunday without knowing the news of verdict.He died in agony. As a nation, we have this sin on us.

‘”Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied” ..

S. Nambi Narayanan got justice today- How a ISRO GSLV project's head became a victim of CIA & Indian police's dirty Game?

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