martyr Sandeep singh family gave inspiring farewell in his last rites-see the photos

Thousands of people have given their last farewell to the humble eyes, on Tuesday, to the heroic legendary Lance naik Sandeep Singh, who was martyred in an encounter with the terrorists in Tangdhar sector of Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. Brave Sandeep shot by bullets on his head but even after this he killed 3 terrorists.  Mother Kulvinder Kaur has sacrificed her son and gave shoulder to her son in his last rites who sacrificed his life for Bharat Mata. Sister Sukhmita Kaur tied Rakhi  to her brother last time. The wife Gurpreet Kaur and the younger son gave salute to the martyr Sandeep singh. Son gave the pyre to his father  Martyr Sandeep. military felicitated the Sandeep Singh with a honors in his parental village Kotla Khurd.sandeep singh

Mother said, “Mothers of India have so much power that they can carry their Martyred  sons to the crematorium (भारत की माताओं के कंधों में इतनी ताकत कि शहीद बेटों को श्मशान ले जा सकती हैं )” 

sandeep singh

Shaheed’s mother, Kulwinder Kaur, sent a message to the enemy country Pakistan that there is so much power in India’s mother’s shoulders that they can carry martyr sons to the crematorium. Every  mother of the world feel the pain of loss of her son, but my son has also given martyrdom to his mother(Bharat Mata) only. My Son has given me the pride of being the mother of a martyr.

Sandeep Singh said to his friend, “one day I will do such a thing, the country will be proud of me”

Sandeep had a 15-day holiday in August. At that time, he told his friends that do something in life that people should be proud of you. I will be doing such work one day, the whole country will be proud of me. You will see me on TV channels and also make a grand memorial gate of mine in the village. Make this memorial gate of mine at such place that anyone can see my memorial gate from another village and will say, “Look this, that’s the Brave Sandeep Singh’s Village”

Martyred Sandeep Singh’s wife said, my husband has took billets on the chest, not on the back. I  will also send my son to the army. I will see my husband’s face in my son’s uniform. we (Sandeep and his wife) had talked on Saturday, he said that the firing was on. will talk tomorrow.

Here is the 5-year-old son of India’s braveheart martyr and Surgical Strike hero Lance Naik Sandeep Singh saluting his father during the last rites ceremony in Gurdaspur, Punjab today. Heart wrenching. Never let down our martyrs. Never ever forget. Prayers.

sandeep singh son saluting his father
sandeep singh son saluting his father

Here is the Some photos of Sandeep Singh: 

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