Mastermind Of Shaheen Bagh Protest, Sharjeel Imam Says, “Our Aim To Cut Assam & North-East From India”

Mastermind Of Shaheen Bagh Protest, Sharjeel Imam said in his speech, “Our main aim to cut the Assam & North-east India from rest of India”.

In a video, Sharjeel Imam can be seen instigating 5 lakh Muslims to create riots. He said, “ If 5 lakhs muslims are organised then we can cut the North-east from rest of India. Our responsibility is to cut the Assam from India then Govt will hear our voice. If we have to help the Assam then we will have to cut the Assam from rest of India.

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He also said that Muslims should cut the chicken neck of India which connects North-east region to rest of India so that Indian Army could not reach the Assam.

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According to The telegraph report, Sharjeel Imam is the mastermind of the Shaheen bagh protest who had started this protest on 15 Dec, 2019.

Sharjeel Imam has posted a post on Facebook and said, “The model of Shaheen Bagh protest is of Road Blockade, rest are secondary, understand the difference between chakka jam (Road Blockade) and dharna (Protest), Do protest in every city, tell the people about the chakka jam (Road Blockade), and then prepare and sit on the National Highways.”

Sharjeel Imam also said, “Indian Constitution is neither secular nor democratic.”

According to Sharjeel Imam, Mahatma Gandhi was the biggest fascist leader of 20th Century.

A video was posted on Facebook by ‘Muslim Students of JNU’ on 14 December 2019 – a day ahead of the Shaheen Bagh protests Where Sharjeel Imam can be seen telling the crowds to block the roads of Delhi. He was seen instigating Muslims saying ‘Don’t Muslims even have that much guts in them to shut down cities of north India?’

Sharjeel Imam said, “Uttar Pradesh has 30% Muslim Population. Shame on yourself..!! Instead of 30% muslims, Why are cities running? Majority Muslims of India live in cities.. so Block the cities..

He also said, “Constitution of India is fascist“. Watch the video:

According to Sharjeel Imam Facebook Profile, He is an Ex-student of IIT Bombay and studies history in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). He has studied Computer Science at IIT Bombay and has been a columnist with website The WireThe Quint and even FirstPost.

Source: Facebook Profile of Sharjeel Imam

On 2 January, Sharjeel Imam wrote on Facebbok, “We are planning to move into phase 2, and work on a flash mob strategy used by Hong Kong, and spread it across cities.

Source: facebook Post of Sharjeel Imam

Facebook Posts of Sharjeel Imam:

Sharjeel Imam has been asking people on Facebook to block highways.

Republic Tv has also exposed the motive behind the so-called peaceful protests at Shaheen Bagh. In the sting operation of Republic Tv, Sharjeel Imam confessed on camera that their original motive was to organise a protest for one day to block major roads in Delhi to attract the International Media.

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