Masterstroke by India, India asks Pak to give airspace to Pm Modi’s flight

On Wednesday, India has formally requested Pakistan to allow its airspace for the usage of Prime Minister Modi’s flight during upcoming visit to US later this week. Pakistan has not responded yet regarding this request. Pm Modi is going to participate in Annual session of United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) in US.

This step can be considered as a diplomatic masterstroke by India because If Pakistan does not allow to use its airspace for Pm Modi then India can go to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) where Pak will be slapped with heavy fine and If Pakistan says Yes and allows its airspace for Pm Modi then Imran Khan will face backlash in its own country for allowing Pm Modi’s flight through Pakistan airspace.

If Pakistan rejects India’s request then Pak will violate of ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organization charter. According to ICAO charter, unless its war, denying the use of airspace by singling out cannot be done.┬áIndia can take Pakistan to┬áICAO where the country can be slapped with a heavy fine.

Pakistan has been threatening India to close its airspace since the removal of Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir but Pakistan has not released any official notifications yet.

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