Meet 28 years old man who called the chopper for a joy ride during Kerala Flood Relief

Kerala: Air Force Chopper was on rescue mission in in flooded areas of Arattupuzha in Chengannur on Sunday afternoon. Air force commandos got the shock when they realized that the person they airlifted ,just wanted to get a feel of Helicopter ride.

While most people spotted in the region insisted on staying back, 28- year-old Joby Joy came running with barefoot and said that he wanted to be lifted. But as soon as the chopper started making its way back to Thiruvananthapuram after airlifting Joby, he revealed that he got on board thinking ‘he was being offered a lift’. When he was informed that he was being shifted to the state capital, he demanded to be dropped back.

Joby’s behaviour had cost a couple of people in the neighbourhood who needed to be rescued. According to Air Force officers, the minimum loss caused by his act would come around Rs one lakh. An officer with desperation said “A woman and child were stranded nearby. But, when he saw him we thought of saving him first. As fuel was insufficient, we couldn’t wait for the woman and child,”

Joby, who runs a travel agency, was staying at a camp along with his parents after his house was submerged. He returned home after water receded. He was handed over to Thiruvananthapuram district administration by Air Force.

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