Meet Iram Habib, the first woman Pilot from Kashmir

Iram Habib who live in the old area of Srinagar The capital of Kasmir Valley, is going to write a new page of success for the women of Kasmir.  She is the first woman in such a state, who is a pilot and will soon be flying the plane. In the 12th class, when Iram expressed her desire to become a pilot for the first time, nobody had encouraged her at that time. Everyone said that a girl from Kashmir could never become a pilot. She had to fight for six years to make her parents agree Because they felt that the job of a pilot was not for women.

Iram completed her graduation from Dehradun. She later graduated from the Sher-e-Kashmir University. Her father is a businessman. The 30-year-old Iram says that I wanted to fulfill my dream of flying at any cost. The family of Iram wanted to serve the government by by doing government job. Iram also did a PhD for one and a half years, but later she got admitted to American Flight School.iram habib 1

In 2016, Iram completed her training From Miami in America. After this she returned to India. Here she got a commercial pilot license But even then the journey ahead for her was not easy. Iram says that I have 260 hours of flying experience in the US. On this basis, I could get a job in the US and Canada, but I wanted to work in India, but here my family members and relatives were not ready to accept that Kashmiri girl could become a pilot.

Iram says that her relatives have not yet been convinced that I have chosen this job. Iram has carried out training in Airbus 320 in Bahrain and Dubai. This time she has got a job offer from two companies in India. Iram says that during training many people were not ready to believe that a girl from Kashmir was taking the training of the pilot. Recently She got the offer from Indigo and Go Air . Probably she will be connecting with Indigo next month.

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