More than 2000 Rohingyas Arrived in Kerala. Watch the video

More than 2000 rohingyas spotted in kerala. Few days ago Indian Railway alerted that There are chances that huge number of Rohingyas are shifting to Kerala. Railway Protection Force (RPF) has issued a warning to its units in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in this regard, along with a list of 14 trains on which Rohingyas are likely to be moving to Kerala. Here is the Alert given by RPF to Keral authorities:

Huge number of Rohingyas travelling to kerala

Instead of Alert given by RPF, Huge numbers of Rohingyas has been arrived in Kerala. At one place called THRISUR in kerala, Huge number of Rohingyas were seen by local people of THRISUR, Kerala. Local people are in fear after seeing such amount of rohingyas. A local people said, “When he enquired with one rohingyas then he said that he was from bengla and other his mates stopped him from taking with Locals. They came in huge numbers and they did not have any destination. Randomly they went and sat in buses. 

Here is the some video of The rohingyas from Kerala :

after the alert of Railway Protection Force, Authorities did not take any steps to stop the rohingyas in Kerala. Our question is that why Rohingyas only choose Kerala or Tamil Nadu for their Destination? Is there anyone who is Sponsoring rohingyas in Kerala or TamilNadu?

I talked with many keralites and they have scared so much after seeing such amount of illegal immigrants in their home Town. A guy of Kerala also tweeted about this scary Situation in Kerala.

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