Muslim women in China forced to sleep with Chinese officials while their husbands are in detention camps

Muslim Women in China whose husbands are in prison of Chinese detention camp are being forced to sleep with Chinese officials. This shocking report coming from china where China is making new law for Uyghur Muslim families everyday.

According to Radio Free Asia report , China is sending Male Han Chinese to monitor the homes of Uyghur families in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and They regularly sleep with Muslim women whose husbands are in detention camp of China.

Earlier, Muslims in China can’t wear Islamic cap, Namaz can be read only with the permission of the police and Islamic customs are prohibited, especially in Xinjiang province of China where Uyghur Muslims are kept in detention camps.

The “Pair Up and Become Family” program is one of several repressive policies which targets Muslim women in china. China has implemented the scheme ‘Pair Up and Become Family’, in which every Uyghur family is assigned a Chinese male. Till now 15 lakhs people are reported to be kept in Detention Camp. Those who are in detention camps, Most of their family members are women . A Chinese citizen is sent to their house as a ‘relative’ of coercion under this scheme.

Under “Pair Up and Become Family” scheme, Chinese Male officials sleep with the wives of the Uighur Muslims on the same bed whose husbands are in detention camp. A rule has been made for Uyghur Muslim families to regularly invite Chinese officials to their homes and make them aware of their religious and political views.

These Chinese Male officials live in the homes of Uyghur Muslims. They eat and drink together. Sometimes if the weather is too cold, three people sleep on the same bed.

According to US based Human Rights Watch (HRW), More than 1 lakh Chinese officials visited Uyghur homes in southern XUAR every two months in 2017 -18 and they spent at least five days every two months with Uyghur Muslim families whose men are in detention camps.

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