Nagaland is also facing devastating floods- Help Nagaland too like Kerala

After the Kerala Floods, the North-East India is passing through the devastating floods. Thousands of people have been affected due to floods here.

on one hand the states like Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam were already devastated by floods. At the same time, China has left water in the Brahmaputra river passing through India’s Arunachal Pradesh. Because of this, India’s northeastern states Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are facing a major threat of severe floods in many cities.

Nagaland is also facing the hail of floods. Nagaland CM Nefu Rio has sought help from the Center. They have sought the help of Rs 219 crore for the time being. Although the state administration believes that it can go up to 400 crores. Due to floods and landslides, many areas have been cut off from the main areas.

 12 people have died and thousands have become homeless, Within a few days due to floods in Nagaland. 400 villages and 3000 families have been affected due to this flood. Nagaland CM Nefu Rio has visited many flood affected areas and has tried to help. 10 lakhs have been given to help in many areas.

Nagaland CM Nefu Rio has tweeted the countrymen to help Nagaland in times of crisis.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh has promised every kind of help. He told that a team of NDRF has been sent for relief work and rescue work.

Let me to tell you that China has given information to the Government of India to release water. According to China, this time the river Sangpo (Brahmaputra) has become quite dangerous in 150 years. Due to heavy rains, there is a flood in the Brahmaputra river. This information is being taken by the State Administration seriously. According to the report of the Chinese government on Wednesday, 9020 cumec (cubic meters per second) of water in the Brahmaputra river has been released, which will reach Arunachal Pradesh and Assam soon.

This is the first time China has shared water data with India this year. According to Indian agencies, There will be no more effect of water left by china, but people have been alerted to stop the fishing from going to the river. 

Since July, Nagaland has been experiencing heavy rains causing severe floods and landslides. But No body is talking about it. Now,situation is worst. 3000 families displaced in around 400 villages; 12 deaths so far. But still Nagaland donated Rs 1 Crore to Kerala. so we are requesting all of you to donate Nagaland too like you had donated for Kerala. here is the details where you can donate for Nagaland floods. Please donate to Nagaland CM Relief Fund:
A/C No: 10530527879
IFSC: SBIN0000214
SBI, Kohima Branch

You can also Donate on PAytm:

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