NASA to ISRO : you have inspired us with your journey

After the lost of connection from Vikram Lander, ISRO didn’t get 100% success in its Chandrayaan 2 mission. However, ISRO said that It had received 95% success in its Chandrayaan 2 mission.

Now ISRO is getting praise from all over the world. World’s biggest space agency NASA praised the ISRO for its Chandrayaan 2 mission and said, “Space is hard. We commend ISRO’s attempt to land their Chandrayaan2 mission on the Moon’s South Pole. You have inspired us with your journey and look forward to future opportunities to explore our solar system together.”

Russian space agency GLAVKOSMOS praised ISRO and tweeted, “Stay strong! We are proud of ISRO team’s work under the inspirational leadership of PM Narendra modi and with an outstanding national support. Together we will strive for more!

The UAE Space Agency assured their full support to the ISRO following the loss of contact with their spacecraft and said , “Chandrayaan-2 which had to land on the moon. India proved to be a strategic player in the space sector & a partner in its development & achievements.”

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