National War Memorial is being dedicated to the Armed Forces by PM today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate the National War Memorial made in 40 acres near India Gate. It would be an indicator of respect for the soldiers who have given their lives to protect the country. According to the official press release, this event will be held on Monday according to the tradition of the army, in which the memorial will be dedicated to the soldiers. Memorial has been built in memory of 25,942 heroes who were martyred for the sake of protecting the country.

The National War Memorial has been designed so that there is no tampering with the Rajpath and its grand structure. The process of deciding the appropriate design for the proposed National War Museum is underway. Its initial cost is around 500 crores and it will take some years to be ready now.

For the first time, the Armed Forces had proposed the formation of the National War Memorial in 1960. It was not created due to the stalemate between the government’s apathy, the bureaucrats and the army. The Modi government had approved the construction of this monument in October 2015.

A 15-meter-high monument pillar has been built in the center of the memorial built in the shape of six arms (hexagon). The statue of murals, graphic panel, names of martyrs and 21 Param Vir Chakra winners has been made. The memorial is centered on four chakras – Amar Chakra, Veerta Chakra, Tyag Chakra, Rakshak Chakra. In this, tribute to the martyrs of Army, Air Force and Navy has been paid. The names of the martyrs have been carved in the wall bricks. The lower part of the memorial is like Amar Jawan Jyoti.

Majestic National WarMemorial. For a visual tour to the grand structure, do watch this video.

Glimpse of National War Memorial. More than 25k martyrs name written on the 16 wall of the memorial.

Watch this video to know more about the National War Memorial

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