Nawaz sharif’s daughter: Pm Modi does not respect Imran Khan

Mariam Sharif, daughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, targeted the prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday and said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not respect his Pakistani counterpart. She said that even in February, Modi did not pick up Imran’s phone call.

In a program held in Model Town about the 1998 Pakistan nuclear tests, Mariam sharif said that Imran had complained that the Indian Prime Minister did not pick up his call. The tensions between the two countries at that time were extreme.

Referring to the powerful army, Mariam Sharif said, “why Modi and other world leaders do not respect Imran, becausethey know that you(Imran Khan) have come to power by stealing votes of people with the help of someone. You walk on someone’s gesture. “

She said, “Imran Khan … your status is nothing more than a puppet. You do not have any respect in the world.

Mariam Nawaz also said, “No country invites Pm Imran Khan because they think that Imran khan will beg for money from them”. Here is the video of Mariam Nawaz Sharif:

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