Now Average age of Militants in Kashmir is reduced by 3 months

Now the average age of a terrorist in Kashmir is only 6 months, Before it was 9 months. This means that when a young man raises his weapon and becomes a terrorist, his life will last only for 6 months. This year, the army has killed a more than 250 terrorists till date, while the remaining year is yet to complete. In the last year, 213 militants were killed by military bullets. The speed at which the army is running its Search and Destroy operation (SADO) is likely that the last year’s figure will soon be crossed.

A senior army official said that although the Pakistani militant groups are being involved in mischief by the Pakistani side, especially in South Kashmir but due to pressure from the army, neither their training is possible Nor they have more chances to hide. In this way they become easy target for the experienced teams of the army.

In the last two months, there has been a considerable reduction in the number of youth joining militant gangs. A total 29 in June this year, 24 in July and 26 in August,  Kashmiri youth joined the militant gangs. But these numbers were reduced to 13 in September  and 19 in October. This is because of the increasing pressure of the army. Though this year so far, 52 soldiers have been martyred while fighting terrorists. Over the last year, a total of 59 soldiers had given their lives in the fight against the terrorists.

A tabular view of the number of Terrorists killed
Year 2017 2018
January 12 13
February 10 6
March 9 23
April 8 19
May 16 18
June 21 26
July 27 11
August 25 25
September 16 31
October 17 26
November 19 37
December 12

6 terrorists were killed on 22nd December, 2018 in Tral of KAshmir.

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